University teachers will receive a salary increase of 12% in three tranches

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Increase for teachers: the connectivity bonus went from 1,000 to 2,000 pesos as of October.

The Education authorities indicated in a statement that the agreement was reached “unanimously” and that the salary increase also included non-teachers nucleated in the Argentine Federation of National University Workers (Fatun).

This increase in teachers will be incorporated into those agreed in the current joint, with revisions in December and February, and also It was accepted that university teachers will continue to receive the connectivity bonus until next March, which went from 1,000 to 2,000 pesos as of October.

Nicolás Trotta affirmed about the salary increase: “Today the process of recomposition of university salaries continued, in the context of the complex situation of recent years. It is necessary to strengthen the salary with the parity and to deploy the economic policies that allow to contain inflation, because the commitment of the system and its unions is understood and valued. “

The deputy secretary of Conadu Histórica, Claudia Baigorria, assured that the increase in teachers “was accepted by grassroots associations of 26 national universities.” and said that they reiterated the demand for the “immediate summons to joint ad-honorem, temporary and contracted teachers.” In addition, it demanded an “emergency salary composition for the retirements of university and pre-university teaching and the inclusion of student assistants, in the salary guarantee.”

At the same time, Norberto Heyaca, Secretary General of FAGDUT, stated that the salary agreement with the Government “was the result of the joint work of the university union front.” The union member also highlighted thatue the teaching representation of the UTN “as it is a federal federation with 32 headquarters throughout the country, the connectivity problem is more latent, so we ask for greater recognition for that issue. ”

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