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FilmoTV is one of the most accessible and cinephile platforms available in France. Small review of the pearls available for its subscribers.

It’s all well and good to spend your time rushing to the first series for teens, or to vegetate quietly in front of the misadventures of superheroes with too tight costumes. But where to find the nuggets of yesterday, how to unearth the forgotten cult films, or quite simply those classics that we are far from always finding in physical format, on television or in replay? This is a question FilmoTV has made a specialty of answering.

It must be said that with 14 days free trial, the subscription at 6.99 euros per month is enough to make salivate eyes both fans of popular and creative cinema as the unearths of untraceable nuggets. We find in fact at FilmoTV films by the hundreds, to which new products are added every day, produced by geniuses, superstars or masters of the underground, all of which deserve a look. The proof with 6 films as unclassifiable as they are essential.

The Unthinkable, or the meeting between Call of Duty and Mom I missed the plane


Festival dedicated to most inventive, generous, experimental and radical genre cinemas, the Paris International Film Fantastic Festival (or PIFFF) has carved out a very solid reputation in barely a decade of existence. As a result of his daring selections, his winners are often huge surprises, rich in unpredictable discoveries, sometimes called upon to become small cults in their own right. Unfortunately, because of their concept, their violence, or the reluctance of the distributors, even the exhibitors, several of these nuggets have never known cinema exploitation in France.

We are therefore particularly delighted to find on Filmo TV all ucollection of nasty feature films as it should, some of which are not visible anywhere else. This is not the case with The Autopsy of Jane Doe, nor Green Room, both real lessons in intelligent exploitation of a clever concept, and real attempt to peel the nervous system live. They are nonetheless very interesting to (re) discover.

photo, Justin LongDrugs are good

Less known, Cheap thrills, awarded at the Festival, pits a man in trouble with another, wealthy, willing to pay him for the execution of challenges sometimes humiliating, sometimes brutal, until the situation escalates in a bloody way. Stifling, painstakingly relentless, the film is one of the finds in this selection. It is also home to the staggering The Unthinkable, creation resulting from the resourceful genius of a group of friends determined to create an ultra-spectacular and oppressive blockbuster, doubled by an unexpected romantic tragedy, all sprinkled with a pinch of science fiction.

Full of ideas and in SVoD only on Filmo TV, the film really caught our eye. Another curiosity that is very difficult to find, The Wave, directed by Gille Klabin, in which the excellent Justin Long offers us a striking performance (served by particularly effective visual effects) in a dynamic setting whose life explodes after the discovery of a drug that would probably not have denied Philip K. Dick.

PhotoCamouflage is good


2019 release – Duration 1h39

photo, Aleksandr KuznetsovFamily i hate you

Within this selection of PIFFF we salute the presence of the Grand Prix of the 2019 edition, directed by Kirill Sokolov, a young director who is quite pissed off, which tells us how a conflict between a young man and the father of his sweetheart can turn into absolute carnage. The opportunity to multiply the situations, each more barbaric and inventive than the next, while chaining technical feats of strength. Indeed, this ultraviolent tale of a family crisis that takes on epic proportions will leave you no respite.

Comedy, torture festival, beating experience, funny horror trip and misappropriation of a certain idea of ​​the Russian soul, the feature film is an always hybrid mutant which never ceases to renew itself and to find many stratagems to sublimate its modest budget. With invested performers and a sumptuous photography, this game of massacre deserves to catch your eye before jumping pleasantly at your throat.


1975 outing – Duration 1h40

photoThis is good

Child of the New Wave, who never quite followed its contours, Louis Malle left us an astonishing, varied, willingly provocative work that we urgently need to rediscover. Within his corpus, Black Moon is perhaps the most disconcerting, unrecognized and rare proposition. Being able to rediscover it today is a disconcerting and unique experience, both imaginative and decadent.

In a world where men have formed a regular army dedicated to eradicating women, a young girl finds refuge in a strange mansion. She crosses there strange characters, but also talking animals, including a unicorn, while around her, reality cracks. Hallucinogenic trip with poisonous beauty, rather unpredictable symbolist delirium, Black Moon is an unclassifiable tale, which foggy and relaxes the brain of a spectator who constantly wonders into which hallucinated rabbit hole he may have fallen.


1981 release – Duration 1h27

photoService a little degraded at RATP

Did you know? This film directed by Gary Sherman in 1981 is Edgar Wright’s Favorite Horror Movie, which has just returned to us with the spectacular Last Night in Soho. And inevitably, when a filmmaker with tastes as obviously encyclopedic as himself is passionate about a little-known production, we can only revel in it. And you would do well to do the same, such is a nightmarish curiosity whose influence on genre cinema in general, and British horror in particular, has proved to be decisive.

We follow the unfortunate people hunted underground by a cannibalistic psychopath, the last survivor of a group of workers once trapped in London basements after a landslide. In the program : horror, pissing innocent people, but also ruptures of your funny, even absurd, while the protagonists interact with a colorful fauna throughout the story. So many oddities with which the legendary actor Donald Pleasence adapts perfectly, who found there another ground for glorious boasting, two years later Halloween by John Carpenter. This claustrophobic tale remains a height of unease and disturbing strangeness, which clearly inspired the terrifying Creep.

photoA grueling viewing

Take a look at FilmoTV’s offer, which offers you 14-day free trial, and a subscription at 6.99 euros per month. You will be able to discover a catalog of hundreds of cult creations, new products every week, and exclusive interviews with all those who make the cinema.

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