With a decimated team, River won and was two points from the top of the tournament

River, with several absences between summoned for Qualifying and injured, achieved an agonizing victory by 2 to 1 against Sarmiento de Junín, as a visitor, for the ninth date of the Professional League, and was third in the table, just two points behind the leader Lanús.

El Millonario started down on the scoreboard, due to an unusual goal by Gabriel Alanís, after a huge lack of intelligence between goalkeeper Bologna and Enzo Pérez. However, he rallied by virtue of the hierarchy of his players, and He turned it around, first with a goal from Jorge Carrascal, after a very good move by Milton Casco, and then, with a goal from Pérez himself, on the hour.

In the second half, the referee Facundo Tello did not sanction a clear penalty in favor of River for a foul against Braian Romero.

El Millo had several casualties due to the Qualifiers heading to the Qatar World Cup 2022: Paulo Díaz (Chile), Héctor David Martínez, Robert Rojas (Paraguay), Franco Armani and Julián Álvarez (Argentine National Team). In turn, it did not have Fabrizio Angileri, Jonatan Maidana, Matías Suárez and Nicolás De La Cruz, injured.

In this way, Marcelo Gallardo had to improvise a team with Bruno Zucculini and Enzo Pérez as central defenders, along with the kid Felipe Peña Biafore.

With this result, River was third in the table, just two points behind Lanús, the only leader at least until Estudiantes and Talleres play.

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