Why did Natalia Lafourcade decide not to have children?

Maria Natalia Lafourcade Silva, better known as Natalia Lafourcade have 37 years. Not only is she a renowned singer,? composer and music producer. You also specialized in arrangement design, is it? philanthropist? and Mexican activist. Happy and proud, she considers herself a single and independent citizen.

Natalia was born in Mexico but grew up in Veracruz. In her childhood she was always surrounded by fields, animals and a lot of music. His mother was a pianist and his father was a harpsichord player. She, for her part, loved being as curious as she was hyperactive.

She always remembers that like Frida Kahlo, she suffered a tremendous accident as a child when she fell from a horse and the doctors predicted a terrible fate, almost complete paralysis due to the severe head trauma that had caused her fall.

Natalia Lafourcade she remembers that her rehabilitation was long and traumatic, yet her mother never stopped and decided to use her own vocation to help her as therapy. After long sessions of guitar, piano and flute, the little girl, who was 6 years old at the time, fully recovered.

“SOURCE: The Third”

When many of your loved ones and followers wonder why Natalia Lafourcade decided not to have children and to this day she is seen alone, she always responds the same. She feels very lucky to be who she is and the choices she makes day after day.

Also, in one of her last statements she said that she sees herself as a single and free woman and, when he meets men who have a hard time coping with what he is or what he does, he is even more comforted.

In general, she believes that working women, passionate about their vocation and independence, find it much more difficult to find a balance between the personal and the professional. For this reason, she believes that so far she has not decided to have children.

She believes very much in masculine and feminine energy and is convinced that when they flow, wonderful things happen. Natalia Lafourcade is sure that humanity needs more equality and harmony.

When they have asked if she wants to be a mother, she answers yes, she would love to one day as well as she does not rule out the idea of ​​adopting. It seems to him something very nice, but for now he does not think that it is the moment.

She is single and happily so for now. You know it would be nice to find a better balance between your professional and personal life. There he is, but not in a hurry.

The young Natalia Lafourcade makes it very clear how you want to live and your future projects in terms of having sons. Good for her! No?

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