Vanesa’s challenge: Technical School No. 1 designed her a prosthesis so she can play the violin

Anahí González Pau
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“Thankful forever.” This is how Vanesa Carabajal from Dorre is located, who has just received a prosthesis designed by a team of teachers from Coronel Dorrego Technical School No. 1 and thanks to which she was able to fulfill her dream of playing the violin.

Teacher, 35 years old, mother of Cipriano, dance teacher, and second-year student of the Drawing faculty, was born with agenecia (absence / malformation) in the upper left limb.

Daughter of rural employees, she has been working for 10 years in the Association for the Protection and Amparo to the child, in the room of 4 and 5 years, and never lags behind with what she proposes. And so a new concern appeared.

“My new challenge of getting into music began more than 1 year ago, when, in principle, I bought the violin assuming that it would be within my means to get a good sound out of it,” he said.

It was difficult, but not impossible. She consulted with a music school teacher, who assured her that she could and encouraged her to try.

Vanesa and her son Cipriano. Credit: Facebook Vanesa Carabajal.

But when the pandemic hit, the professor left town and his dream was cut short, although not for long.

“At the beginning of this year, a video came before me that had been viralized through social networks of a girl from Mar del Plata with agenecia and a violinist,” he said.

“That was a great impulse that made me trust myself again and in the possibility of learning,” he said.

Restless and determined, she found the girl’s mother on Facebook, who not only encouraged her to try it, but also contacted her with Facundo, her daughter’s violin teacher, born in Santiago del Estero.

This teacher, now based in Mar del Plata, is the one who gives Vanesa her long-awaited virtual violin classes, once a week.

“I started playing the instrument with a handmade adapter, made by my husband, with it I made the first notes and songs sound,” he said.

Until the Technical School Nº1 through the intermediation of the retired teacher of the Technique, Osvaldo Tonietti, Vanesa’s friend, proposed this challenge to the institution.

Coronel Dorrego Technical School No. 1.

“Thanks to him and his kindness to approach teachers who are currently working at the Technical School to comment on my particular case, work began on the project,” he said.

A few days later, Vanesa was summoned by the teacher Marcela Loncon who called her to meet her and see how they could help her.

“There were several tests, trials, different materials, successes and mistakes, but it is important to highlight the kindness, dedication, responsibility and commitment with which the team responsible for the project always worked,” said Vanesa.

“35 ago, the importance of the word inclusion was not given to it today, although I had a mother who, although she only reached a primary level of study, was my psychologist, my therapeutic companion, my kinesiologist and my guide.

Vanesa completed her first years of primary school in the rural school of the Faro station and completed that level in the capital city of Coronel Dorrego.

At the age of 8, he started the Folk Dance school at the Peña Nativista de Coronel Dorrego, until he was approximately 19 years old. In 2004 he graduated from the School of Agricultural Education No. 1.

In 2010 she received a teaching degree in Initial Education at the Teacher Training Institute N ° 62. In 2011 he began to dance Tango in the Municipal Assistances of Coronel Dorrego. In 2013, she formed her own folk dance space, where she served as a Teacher for 4 cycles, ending with more than 60 students.

“I closed that experience at the Municipal Theater in December 2016, passing the 8th month of pregnancy and dancing in my womb my first and only child, Cipriano.”

Having created this folklore group and his tertiary title of Teacher, allowed him to take positions as MD (dance teacher) and work in EP N ° 13 of Estación Faro and in CEC 801 of Cnel. Dorrego for 2 years.

“Colonel Dorrego is that. The School of Technical Education N ° 1, as many entities define it. They define my town, the one that saw me born, grow, develop and transgress my limits, ”said Vanesa.

The important role of Technical School No. 1

The prosthesis had to be designed and developed so that Vanesa could play the violin and the movement of the wrist generated by the bow could be simulated.
With the approval of the Director of the institution, Professor Lorena Suárez, they began to think about devising different models and pieces, learning to undertake a different experience that posed a challenge in 3D Printing.

The team of teachers committed to the project and coordinated by the head of the area, Professor Marcela Loncón., Belong to the specialty of Senior Master of Work and are professors Emiliano Menéndez and José Barrios.

“The institution analyzed the possibility of developing it in the Third Party Work Framework and respecting regulations of Professional Technical Education; promoting understanding and respect for human rights, inclusion and equity, gender equality and cultural diversity as a contribution from professional technical education ”, said its director, Lorena Suárez.

He said that Autocad software was used for the design, fostering the skills and abilities of teachers immersed in the training environments of the institution; who are prepared to demonstrate abilities, skills, values ​​and attitudes in real work situations.

“All this, in accordance with criteria of professionalism inherent to their area and of social responsibility in each of the corresponding functions and sub-functions of the professional profile of reference,” he said.

“The work for third parties was carried out during the months of May, June and part of July, providing service voluntarily, combining entrepreneurial attitudes, such as providing a social good to the Dorregan community”, he highlighted.

Work was done on the ethical, social, scientific and technological dimensions; testing with new materials that adapted to Vanesa’s requirements.

Problems with the printers and proposed designs had to be solved all the time, but with the conviction that the demand for the task came from the action.

“Obstacles were overcome during this time, highlighting Vanesa’s patience and it was possible to develop said prosthesis with the agreement of the person who requested it and guaranteeing the capacities of the teachers in processes of linking with our community and strengthening the identity of the Technical School”, the director concluded.

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