Valentín Garello, another Rosario who will play in the European promotion

Valentin stood out in the rise of Argentina.

The Rosario forward Valentín Garello will play in the Serie C Gold of Italy in Sport Gravina, a cast from Sicily in which he will make his presentation in Italian basketball. Garello had in recent seasons a more than interesting passage through the promotion categories of Argentina after his connection with the Boca training divisions. In this journey, he confirmed himself as a versatile player with a good outside shot and the ability to attack the basket.

“The team is in a city called Catania in the region of Sicily. They spoke to me wonders about the city and that helped me a bit to decide. Another thing that helped me is that my brother is there nearby (Vicente will play in Spain), and in one of those I can go visit him or spend the parties together, ”explained Valentín, one of the family basketball dynasty that heads the Gringo Javier.

“However, the decision was not easy, I know that I will miss Argentina, Rosario, the river. And although I am going to compete and earn a place, I also take it as one more adventure, I hope to enjoy and get to know ”, the man from Rosario said, going through those moments of nostalgia between making the determination and starting the trip.

Valentín travels prepared with the illusion of a quick competition if the health situation allows it: “With the people of the club I spoke just enough because of the language, so I still cannot tell much, but the coach told me to be well trained, the tournament will start soon ”.

While in Italy the club’s website and the pages of the area emphasize the arrival of Rosario, at home the situation does not seem to be so calm. Although the “boys” have been playing far from home for a long time, having to cross the ocean to visit them does not make the situation easy.

Valentín knows that the procession goes inside: “At home, my parents are calm, I see them happy, but I know that they suffer and do not want us to see them badly, haha. Imagine the mess that my house was always with us and the silence that remains for them now. But it is part of life and somehow they are a little used to it, because with my brother we have already been walking around for a while ”.

And there is something that he will not lose despite the distance: “Obviously, to feel closer I am wearing the Central T-shirt.”

As a couple of decades ago, it will be one of the seasons with the largest number of players leaving abroad, in this case with numerous people from Rosario who join those who have been playing for some time in Europe and in other competitions in America. Growing up in basketball, but also betting on life experiences is his desire.

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