Tomorrow begins the trial against priest Nicolás Parma

Tomorrow, August 31, the trial against Nicolas Parma, known ecclesiastically as “Father Felipe”, Who was denounced in 2016, for having abused a novice.

Yair, one of the boys who made the postulate in the Exaltation Church of the Holy Cross, decided to tell it through a testimony that was sent to the Vatican. As he had no answer and the Church did nothing to have a conviction and did not even remove Parma from the institution, the young man who in 2017 told his story to South Time, went to the ordinary Justice.

Yair I was under 16 when he was the victim of priest Parma. He had joined the congregation in Salta, his province, and from there they sent him to the town of Puerto Santa Cruz to become a priest. During his stay there was a lot of sexual violence, which included other novices.

When the abuses came to light, Father “Felipe” was conspicuously rushed to an undisclosed destination. For a long time he was never put at the disposal of the Justice, the Vatican sent him first to Italy and he walked through Spain.

Parma is part of the “Disciples of Jesus of Saint John the Baptist” congregation, whose founder is Agustín Rosa from Salta, also denounced for having abused several novices, but in addition to enriching himself with the funds of the congregation. Of the two accusations, the Vatican only worried about the second and that is why he was imprisoned for several months during 2016.

(Parma boasted on social media that they enjoyed Messi’s soccer.)

In the testimony that Yair gave to this newspaper last year, he said that he had not been the only victim of Parma and that, in the midst of a severe depression, when even fantasized about dyingHe decided to return to Salta to tell the highest authority of the congregation that there was an abusive priest in Santa Cruz.

However, when he did the priest Agustín Rosa asked him to shut up and forgive. The thing did not stop there, but later Rosa asked the young man to be checked for the detection of varicocele. Later it was learned that, with that ruse, there was a line of victims of his abuse.

Since Ursino has the file, in July 2017, he obtained several testimonies, some of them key to determine an approximation of the number of victims and added details that reinforce the seriousness of the accusations.

Judge Noelia Ursino processed him with preventive detention for the crimes of “simple abuse doubly aggravated in real competition with seriously outrageous abuse doubly aggravated in real competition with aggravated corruption of minors.” The priest was charged with three facts, the first two with the modality of continuous crime.

Given this, the defense of Parma presented several appeals, but Judge Lerena, of the Rio Gallegos Resource Court, did not grant the requested measures, so the investigation of the case was closed and it was elevated to the Criminal Chamber.

With the priest Parma already arrested, neighbors visit him at the Police Station where He is in custody and they even made a collection to cover the defense attorney’s fees.

Until that moment, Parma was assisted by the official defender of the town of Luis Piedra Buena. The defender from Puerto Santa Cruz had to withdraw because she asserted that she was linked by a friendship with the accused.

(Rosa Torino and Father Felipe on the left).

Who is Nicolás Parma?

Nicolás Osvaldo Parma Vega was born on August 18, 1978 in Concepción, Tucumán. He completed his primary studies at the Uladislao Frías school and then went to live in San Miguel to finish high school at the San José Minor Seminary. He studied philosophy at the Catholic University of Salta where he met Father Agustín Rosa. He joined the community and made his temporary vows in 2000 and perpetual vows in 2004. He continued his training in theology at the seminaries of Celaya and Ciudad Altamirano in Mexico where he lived from 2002 to 2006.

He returned to Argentina and was ordained a deacon in 2006 and a priest in 2007. After a brief stint as rector of Nuestra Señora de Luján in Campana and vicar of the parish of Santa Teresa de Jesús in Garín, he was appointed as pastor of the parish of Exaltación de the Cross in Puerto Santa Cruz.

Parma lived alone in a parish. He likes good living and posting his photos on social networks. “He always had a tablet or a new cell phone,” recall several ex-religious who lived in that house in Puerto Santa Cruz. Gracia shared a season with him when he was working for the Bishop of Vic and remembers uploading photos to his Instagram hugging several young people in the gym. During the month of November 2016, he visited Granada, stayed in a 4-star hotel, toured the main attractions and registered his trip on Foursquare.

For the first time a priest is sentenced for sexual abuse in Salta

For the first time, the Justice of Salta condemned a priest for sexual abuse committed in the ecclesiastical sphere. This is the priest Agustín Rosa Torino, who was sentenced on Thursday, July 8, to twelve years in prison after being found guilty of the crimes of seriously outrageous sexual abuse aggravated against two victims and simple aggravated sexual abuse in the case of another victim.

The sentence of Chamber IV of the Court of Trials of the Centro de Salta district came after ten days of debate: judges Maximiliano Troyano, Norma Vera and Roberto Faustino Lezcano concluded that Rosa Torino, who for health reasons has been in house arrest since 2016, was author of the crimes for which he was denounced by two former novices and a former nun who were formed in the congregation that the priest had founded. During the reading of the sentence, it was determined that Rosa Torino must serve her sentence in a health unit of the Penitentiary Service.

Valeria Zarza, Yair Gyurkovits (victim of priest Parma) and Jonatan Alustiza are the three victims who denounced Rosa Torino before the Church and before the Justice: all three had been trained at the Disciples of Jesus Religious Institute of San Juan Bautista, created in Jump for the condemned priest and with headquarters in Mexico, Spain, Chile and different provinces of Argentina. The prosecutor Verónica Simesen led the accusation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which asked the court for a sentence of 22 years in prison for Rosa Torino, while the defense of the priest urged the judges to acquit him.

“The defendant’s first strategy was to remove the victims from their families. The second was total isolation from the outside world. Then there was the economic factor. He made them go through inhumane living conditions, ”Simesen said in his plea. And he added: “Sex offenders operate on the unsuspecting victim and choose the moment to act. The testimonies gave account of a systematization and a modality of the accused on the victims ”.

In conversation with theAR newspaper, Gyurkovits had told: “He told me that he was like my father, that he had to check my body, and always being affectionate.” According to his complaint, he was 16 years old when he began to be a victim of abuse in the congregation he had approached as an aspiring seminarian.

That same vocational journey made Alustiza, who detailed to this newspaper: “Rosa Torino behaved like a father, she insisted that God spoke through him and it was very difficult to disobey that. As I had a health problem very close to the genital area, he wanted to check me ‘like a father to a son’ to see if it was a varicocele. Until 2016 I blamed myself for everything that had happened, but making the complaint and coming out of hiding began to reverse that feeling. “

The congregation headed by Rosa Torino, which also received complaints about abuses by the priest Nicolás Parma at its headquarters in Puerto Santa Cruz, can no longer train men to aspire to priests: the Vatican ordered its closure two years ago, as confirmed to this newspaper by the prosecutor Simesen.

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