They will update the non-taxable minimum of Earnings: it remains to resolve the amount and date

The Government will provide for the remainder of the year a new adjustment of the non-taxable minimum of the Income Tax to the Fourth Category, applied to the salaries of employees in a dependency relationship, although the new amount that will replace the $ 150,000 remains to be defined. current monthly payments, as well as their date of application.

This last point is one of the most controversial of the modification announced by the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, if it is taken into account that in the last adaptation it took three months from the sanction of the law to the regulation of the AFIP and its implementation. in action.

In his recent speech in Congress before the Bicameral Debt Commission, Guzmán assured that “the non-taxable minimum of Earnings will be updated this year because the variation of the RIPTE (Average Taxable Remuneration of Stable Workers) index is different from that was in budget. “

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa – who was the main promoter of the increase in the non-taxable minimum established in law 27,617 – had indicated that the update would take place in September, with the aim of raising the floor by 20% , from the current $ 150,000 to $ 180,000.

Regarding the net salary, it would go from a floor of $ 124,500 to one of $ 149,400, provided that the adjustment is the one proposed by Massa.

Both the amount and the date of implementation have not yet been resolved by Economía, but official sources trust that, if there are differences with Massa’s proposal, they would be minimal.

For now, in his message in Congress, Guzmán did not give details about the possible new amount and only anticipated that the modification of the non-taxable minimum “will be done this year.”

Law 27,617, which set the Profit Floor for the Fourth Category at $ 150,000 per month, was sanctioned on April 8, published thirteen days later in the Official Gazette, and regulated on May 25 by Decree 336/21.

As it is an annual settlement tax, the delays in its application – which began in the second semester – implied designing a refund schedule that would have to be adjusted again once the new non-taxable minimum is established.

Guzmán argued in Congress that the adjustment “is something that will be done this year so that the workers who benefited from the law that changed Human Earnings can enjoy this benefit and only pay those who are part of the target population and relief is generated for millions of workers in the country “.

For his part, Massa sought to reassure the band of wage earners that, due to increases in assets in joint agreements, they could be reached by the tax or by discounts greater than those that had been applied.

In this regard, he argued that “each worker who has a raise in the parity should not be afraid of the parity, because it will have the State protecting it back,” pointing out that it will be “in September” when the new update of the minimum is determined. non-taxable. (NA)

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