They suspend a teacher who was recorded while indoctrinating students against Macri

The video of the shouting and insults, in the middle of a fourth-year class of the María Eva Duarte technical high school No. 2, in La Matanza, de a teacher who rebukes a student for having questioned Kirchnerism, passed the field of viralization and debate on social networks.

It is about Laura Radetich, a militant Kirchner teacher who rehearsed an ironclad plea in favor of former president Cristina Kirchner and against Mauricio Macri, who climbed towards a provisional decision that may be permanent.

The Ministry of Education of the Province of Buenos Aires confirmed that the teacher is suspended and has already begun an investigation, a preliminary summary, to determine her situation. The teacher is not going to return until the investigation is finished.

The video was secretly recorded by a student from the school bench, while his teacher and a colleague star in the political discussion.

“What do you think, that because he has blue eyes he is not going to steal? He stole your future! ”She says. And he continues: “You can come here and eat this crap (he points to a package of snacks) because the State gives it to you, go and pay a private school with your father’s salary, go. Do you know how much the fee for a school is? Private technique? Ten lucas up, does your dad have to pay that fee? That’s what Macri left behind. “

He responds with the causes that the vice president has and that is the point that most unnerves the teacher. “Causes of what? Who made them? My God, a president who put two judges of the Court by decree.”

The complete position of the Buenos Aires educational authorities:

“Faced with this fact, the district headquarters of La Matanza is already intervening to carry out an investigation, in which statements will be taken and the corresponding actions will be implemented to gather information about what happened. During this procedure, the teacher will not continue teaching. In situations of these characteristics, it is appropriate to carry out an investigation for alleged misconduct, applying article 139 of the teaching statute to gather the relevant evidence and, if appropriate, temporarily relieve the teacher of her duties. If the fact is corroborated, a pre summary and, if applicable, a summary, “they detailed.

On the other hand, the General Directorate of Culture and Education (DGCYE) gave intervention to the Directorate of Community Psychology and Social Pedagogy so that, through its professional teams, students can be accompanied.


Education Minister Nicolás Trotta criticized History teacher Laura Radetich, who was suspended, and assured: “We are opposed to all kinds of indoctrination.” He said that what happened is something that “cannot be allowed.”

The minister clarified that the Buenos Aires government initiated an investigation and separated the teacher, “while carrying out all the instances of presumarial investigation.” In turn, he explained that his Buenos Aires counterpart Agustina Vila spoke and stressed that “all the mechanisms were put into operation to guarantee that these episodes are not reproduced in the educational system.”

In statements to Rivadavia radio, Trotta was in favor of having “debates about social and historical reality” in the classroom, but “not in the terms in which it was carried out in that video.” He stated that “there can be exchanges in high school and at the higher level, and it is healthy to do so, but in other conditions.”

He clarified that “the teacher, the teacher and the teacher cannot impose their perspective, but rather respect the gaze and plurality, trying to generate critical thinking.”

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