They ask for sentences of 45 years and life for the homicides of deputy Olivares and his adviser

The prosecutor in the trial for the crime of deputy Héctor Olivares and his adviser Miguel Yadón requested the sentence of 45 years in prison for the accused of being the material author of the shots and life imprisonment for his companion, whom he accused of being the “co-author”.

The prosecutor Ariel Yapur requested the 45 years for Juan José Navarro Cádiz, who during his investigation acknowledged having been the author of the shots, but who denied having had a homicidal intention, as he said that he was “testing the weapon” and did not realize that two people were crossing the direction of the shot.

Yapur requested life imprisonment for Juan Jesús Fernández, Navarro Cádiz’s cousin (both belong to the gypsy community), as “co-author”, despite the fact that it was proven that he was not the one who fired the shots that caused the two deaths.

The very high request for a sentence threatens to reopen an old discussion, not yet settled, in criminal law: the maximum amount of a sentence.

In this context, the 45 years requested for Navarro Cádiz could mean an even greater penalty than life imprisonment, since in the first case he could only aspire to conditional release after 30 years and, in the second, between 20 and 25.

The criteria to be applied will remain in the hands of the criminal execution judge, but this will not happen for between two and three decades, which makes it virtually impossible to determine, in the event of conviction, how long both defendants will remain in prison.

Deputy Arias remains hospitalized “lucid and stable”, according to the latest medical report

After the prosecutor’s request for punishment, Fernández’s plea began, by the lawyer Oscar Moyano, who on the basis that it was not he who fired, that he did not instigate that conduct and that he had no possibility of avoiding it, will request the absolution.

Then it will be the turn of the defense of Navarro Cádiz, in charge of the lawyer Pablo Pierini, who will allege that his client did not intend to kill and that he acted under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

This morning, before Oral Court number nine, made up of judges Ana Dieta, Fernando Ramírez and Luis Salas, the prosecutor argued that Navarro Cádiz acted “for pleasure” and that his attitude was that of “shooting at the target on two moving targets” , Olivares and Yadón.

The prosecutor vindicated the “perpetual” nature of the sentence and affirmed, contrary to what, for example, the former judge of the Court Raúl Zaffaroni maintains, who considers that it is a “cruel and inhuman” penalty.

Yapur assessed that the sentence of life imprisonment exists and is in force, and exemplified with the case of Robledo Puch, detained for almost half a century.

The trial has another half a dozen defendants, for whom the prosecutor requested acquittal or lesser penalties for the crime of concealment and illegal possession of firearms.

The double crime occurred on May 9, 2019, meters away from the National Congress, when Olivares and Yadón were killed by a burst of five shots from the weapon that Navarro Cádiz was handling. (NA)

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