They are looking for a sailor who would have disappeared from a ship anchored off the port of Bahia

The K9 Canine Search and Rescue Division of the Punta Alta Volunteer Firefighters Association participated in an exhaustive inspection and search, which yielded a negative result, on board the Marshall Islands flagged motor ship “Capetan Costas S”, which is located in the “Fondeadero Alfa”, near the port of Bahía Blanca, and from where the sailor Ryan Arañas Carcueva would have disappeared.

According to it was said, the first suspicions would indicate that the man would have thrown himself into the sea, on the 18th of this month.

However, a case was initiated by the Federal Court No. 1 of the Bahia town, from where the aforementioned diligence was ordered to the authorities of the Argentine Naval Prefecture, and from there, the request for collaboration with the K9 group.

The task, according to what was indicated, included the transfer of guide personnel and dogs, in a surface unit to the aforementioned anchorage, together with a commission of the Prefecture, composed of about 30 troops, in order to proceed with the requisition of all dependencies, annexes, watertight compartments, cabins, even those that are closed with some security measure, of the boat.

It was also stated that the kidnapping of objects or elements that could be linked to the disappearance under investigation was attempted.

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