The "Tolozapas", some sneakers that were born by a viral phrase by Victoria Tolosa Paz

Victoria Tolosa Paz received criticism in recent days for having assured that shoes could be bought for 2,000 pesos.

But this morning, the candidate for national deputy of the Front celebrated the “exhaustion” of a line of footwear launched by the Gaelle company and called “tolozapas.”

“By attacking me with trolls and TV reports, they managed to impose an agenda that benefits national production, because now they line up to buy the tolozapas,” said Victoria Tolosa Paz.

“They managed to put on the agenda that Victoria Tolosa Paz does not know about prices, and that there are no two lucas shoes,” he said in an interview with Radio Delta. And he added that in La Plata the shoes are already sold out.

This week, Paz came out at the crossroads of the criticism he received after ensuring that shoes could be bought for 2,000 pesos.

“I wasn’t thinking of getting into that mud, but it turns out that Moreno was walking with the mayor and in all the windows he saw sneakers for less than $ 2,000. Then I hear that they tell me: the last time Axel beat him in a Clio, this round Tolosa Paz beat him with the tolozapas ”, he said.

“Even Joaquín de la Torre criticized me, and he must know that I have walked the Province since I was 23 years old, when I was with the hype of a pregnant woman everywhere,” he said and added: “I lived with the salary of a public employee and I know perfectly how I had to manage myself to be able to raise my children and support a family ”.

As a result of this, the Argentine company Gaelle uploaded a photo on its social networks, promoting a model manufactured in the country: “How could there be no shoes for less than $ 2,000? @Vtolosapaz is going to love them,” the brand wrote. (Ambit)

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