The Serie "The kingdom" will have a second season on Netflix

“Continue working with the entire team of ‘The kingdom’ we are excited and, in addition, to verify that the series has demonstrated the high level of quality and talent of the local creative community is a great satisfaction for all of us who have been part of this project ”, he added.

In the miniseries, the attack against the candidate for president Armando Badajoz (Daniel Kuzniecka) generates an unexpected shock in the public and private life of the protagonist, Emilio Vázquez Pena (Peretti), who from one moment to another is not only involved in the judicial investigation of the homicide but faced with the immediate opportunity to become the next head of state.

The Kingdom | Official trailer Netflix

Supported by an intelligent and unhurried way of supplying the data and elements that advance the mysterious narrative, “The kingdom” He also takes advantage of that rhythm to build a well-achieved and presumed compatibility between the immoral secrets of the lucrative church run by the Vázquez Pena family and the most ruthless terrain of politics.

Among the cast of figures in the series produced by K&S are names of the national audiovisual industry such as Mercedes Morán, Chino Darín, Nancy Dupláa, Joaquín Furriel and Peter Lanzani, among others.

Meanwhile, the news of the realization of a second season was released after a week ago, on August 19, the Christian Alliance of the Evangelical Churches of the Argentine Republic (Aciera) accused the creators of “The kingdom” of “using art” to “create in the popular imagination the perception” that their pastors “only have ambitions for power or money.”


Through a document signed by its National Board of Directors, the entity referred to a “fascist behavior” and pointed out against Claudia Piñeiro for having “a bitterness” against the “evangelical culture of Argentina” derived from his “feminist militancy during the debate on the abortion law ”.

After these assertions, the prestigious writer responded briefly but forcefully through her Twitter account with two sentences: “Censorship is censorship, you want to disguise it as what you want to disguise it” and “Now censoring a fiction already seems medieval.”

The Buenos Aires legislator for the PTS / FIT Myriam Bregman, the Legal and Technical Secretary of the Presidency, Vilma Ibarra; the national deputy and journalist Gabriela Cerruti; the collective Actrices Argentinas and the playwright José María Muscari, among other cultural and political personalities, publicly supported Piñeiro.

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