The Chilean youtuber Tomiii11 died at the age of 12: the farewell in the networks

On the morning of this Monday, August 30, the death of the Chilean youtuber Tomiii11 was confirmed. The news moved the great personalities of social networks, as well as the entire public of the little boy who followed him on YouTube and who expressed their condolences.

The 12-year-old had been struggling for some years with a brain tumor that prevented him from developing normally, leaving serious consequences for his eyes and limbs. But amid so much bad news, Tomás Blanch knew how to look for the positive and it was in sadness that he found the way out to become famous through YouTube.

Tomiii11 became explosively popular on the video platform in just a few months. His clips were disseminated in the youtubers and gamers communities and he started an initiative to achieve a significant number of followers. And so, month by month, he was adding thousands of followers.

The first goal was for it to reach one hundred thousand subscribers so that it would have the YouTube silver plate, but the final number was amazing: it had eight and a half million subscribers on the platform, with an average of between one million and two. millions of views on the videos I uploaded.

His content was completely varied: from videos playing Minecraft or other PC games, to blogs cooking at home with his family, through the famous “unboxing” of gifts that brands sent him.

Tomiii11 with his mother, in an image that he uploaded to his Instagram during April of this year.

A life full of awards

A few months ago he had been awarded the “Copihue de Oro” in the category of “Youtuber of the year”, surpassing personalities such as Pollo Castillo, Te Lo Resumo Así No Más and Lewis Shawcross, who also have a large number of followers.

And recently it had been awarded at the Giga Awards as “the best YouTube account”. In fact, his last publication on his Instagram account is two days ago and it is a thank you to all the people who supported him in that growth.

Tomiii11’s last message on his social networks, thanking the award for “Best Youtube Account”.

The goodbye of the great

Logically the news caused a commotion in strong personalities of the video platform. One of the first to manifest as soon as the news was known was the youtuber known as “Dross” (on YouTube as “ElDiariodeDross), who sent a message with great sadness and affection to the deceased child.

The message of “Dross” before the death of the beloved youtuber Tomiii11.

In the gaming community of Argentina, the 9Z Team echoed the situation and sent condolences to family and friends. Renowned streamer Joaco López replied to the comment with a message: “They made a boy happy until the last of his days, an innocent dreamer. It breaks my heart that he’s gone. May the best youtuber in the world rest in peace ”.

The message of the gamer community of Argentina for the relatives of Tomiii11.

Social networks were flooded with sadness at the unfair departure of a child who fought against a very hard disease throughout his life. According to his relatives, the wake will be held next Wednesday, September 1. / TN

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