Society and field united, the goal of the Bahiense who presides over Ateneo Carbap

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“As a sector we are a very important economic agent, but just as important with respect to the rest of the economies. It is not them and us, but it is all the same. The countryside is part of society and we must not separate or differentiate ourselves ”.

This is the message of Juan A. Abraham, the Bahiense who was elected – last Saturday 21, in Olavarría – as president of Ateneo Carbap, the union quarry of a representative mother entity and recognized as the fifth leg of the Liaison Table: the Confederation of Rural Associations of Buenos Aires and La Pampa.

“Clearly, the important thing is not to distance ourselves from society. Taxes on the private sector hit everyone, as well as insecurity, problems with education or the lack of work or credit to produce; the sector does not matter ”, he added.

One of the many multisectoral demonstrations held on the occasion of national days in our city. The image corresponds to June 20, 2020.

Abraham arrived at the Ateneo Rural Bahía Blanca, which depends on the AGA, after a congress held in the city in 2018.

“I approached because I noticed that there were not many young people in the agricultural sector. I was interested in that. I went to a meeting at the Cattlemen’s Association and I never left again, “he said.

“I was interested in finding out because the realities of each member of the Athenaeum are very different. There you learn much more than anywhere else, “he added.

“Then there is personal fulfillment, where you want to get involved as much as possible to try to improve the sector. I already saw it from the outside, but from the inside I realized that you have to work a lot on the image, ”he said.

“The good is much more than the bad (NdR: what the agricultural sector does), but it is necessary to convince the rest of society of this,” said Abraham, in dialogue with The new one.

“It is the motivation to correct that course and it is achieved by showing what we do. I know it is easy to say, but a little more difficult to specify, “he admitted.

The union leader gave vital importance to the role of communication.

“It is key when it comes to downloading messages and outlining actions. Today there cannot be a double interpretation in this sense ”, he assured.

“You have to be blunt and simple. The message must be understood. That is what the agricultural sector should seek if it wants to report how it works inside gates on a daily basis, ”he explained.

“Not only is communication important to the outside, but also to the inside. We, as Ateneo Carbap, must get to our bases with ideas well because if the projects are good but we communicate them badly, people will not join and we will not be able to move forward, “he said.

The outgoing president of Ateneo Carbap, Braian Robert and the incoming Juan Abraham.

“We must also know what human resources we have inward to project the future. It is part of the task from now on ”, affirmed Abraham.

“The outgoing table left everything in order. There are very good contacts with the grassroots, with the Athenaeums in training and an oiled relationship with Carbap and with CRA (for Argentine Rural Confederations). We also have the president of Ateneo CRA, Santiago Alem, who is Olavarría and with whom we can achieve an interesting synergy ”, he stated.

“The first action? Get to know us. There has been an important generational change and with many new commissions. It just took us into a pandemic and I just got to know the members of the executive board personally this Saturday (on the 21st) in Olavarría ”, he assured.

The average age of Ateneo Carbap is 22 years old.

“What is my commitment? Total, of work, of organization and of the contribution of ideas of people who have to meet yes or yes. One leaves a lot aside to be here, but in reality I would always be interested in living in Argentina knowing that the sector is much better because of what a generation coinciding with mine did ”, he explained.

“The final idea of ​​achieving a prosperous Argentina is not utopian,” he added.

Abraham replaces in the presidency of Ateneo Carbap Braian Robert, another young man from Bahia, with family establishments in Jacinto Aráuz, who is a member of the AGA executive committee.

“I understand that the election of Bahía Blanca is related to the spaces for participation and opinion that are offered. I speak for our region; perhaps in the rest it will be the same ”, he opined.

“We have no pressure and we work calmly every time we present proposals,” he added.

“Yes, it is a reality that Bahía Blanca is a very good filter to get to, because here people come from all over the area,” he said.

Juan Abraham (left), Horacio Salaverri, president of Carbap and Santiago Alem, head of Ateneo CRA, this Saturday 21 in Olavarría.

“Those who commit to the Bahía Blanca Rural Ateneo is because they are very involved. Here all the problems of the region are dealt with, with boys and girls from Río Colorado to Coronel Suárez, and the different realities are learned in a dizzying way ”, described the young union member.

Regarding the generational difference with the Carbap leadership, Abraham maintained that there is always the natural predisposition of both tables to work together.

“We have similar ideas to work with the objective of improving the image of the sector. In the end, it will end up finding a path of coincidences ”, he said.

Something personal

Abraham is 21 years old and is a cereal broker in the firm of his father Maximiliano, who continued the legacy of his grandfather Angel. His mother Ana Clara Franke, from Coronel Suárez, and his brother Bautista (18) complete the family picture.

In high school breaks, he was already working with his father, coinciding with the summer and the fine harvest.

As a specific form of preparation for what he plans to do in the daily work of his life, he continues to take courses in agricultural marketing.

All the names

The new executive table of Ateneo Carbap 2021/2022 is the following:

President, Juan Abraham, Ateneo Rural Bahía Blanca; Vice-president, Fermín Larrañaga, Ateneo Rural Society of May 25 and secretary, Candelaria Laura Giménez Gómez, Ateneo Rural Society of Tandil.

Treasurer, Mauricio Petrucci Rogora, Youth Athenaeum of the Rural Society of Villegas; prosecutor, Agustina Coux, Youth Athenaeum of the Association of Agricultural Producers of Salto and protorero, Nicolás Brown, Rural Society Athenaeum of Tandil.

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