Sitech Federation agreed to defend public education with candidates from Chaco Cambia

Within the framework of the round of meetings that has been carried out Sitech Federation, met with referents and candidates for provincial and national deputies of the Chaco Cambia political space, Together for Change 503 C, to discuss the document commitment in defense of public schools proposed by this union.

In this sense, Potential legislators expressed their resounding support, since clearly education must be a priority on the political agenda.

In this meeting, the structural crisis that education is going through was addressed and that cannot be reduced to salary terms, “Since the lack of understanding on the part of the different governments that have succeeded each other have left education, and with it the public school, in a state of manifest agony,” they pointed out from the sector.

The candidates for deputies warned “the unprecedented emptying into which education has fallen, the product of misguided educational policies, aimed at maintaining a whole parallel system for the benefit of friends and whose consequence cannot be hidden today ”.

Regarding salary, they recognize the poverty and indigence of teacher salaries and in this sense, they stated that the Legislature should deal with a law that guarantees as a salary floor the trigger clause tied to inflation or co-participation, according to the one that is most profitable at all times.

Regarding the teaching career, they expressed their absolute agreement with the document of this union, understanding that in no way a professional with a complementary cycle can have better skills than a teacher who was trained in an Institute of Higher Education or University. “The positions and hours must be for career teachers,” they said.

Regarding the Pedagogical Congress, they celebrated that the educational lines can be discussed within the framework of a broad and plural debate, understanding that all those problems that affect the public school, its teachers, students and the Chaco community in general, must be resolved within the framework of the broadest democracy in order to build legitimate consensus that allows the recovery of public education.

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