Salvador Mazza: A gendarmerie car collided with a parked truck

This morning the news came from Salvador Mazza, as reported by the journalist Raúl Costes, who worked at the scene of the accident, said that the gendarmerie traffic hit the trailer of a truck parked in front of the bus terminal of the border city .

The trapped gendarme only suffered injuries as a result of a strong hit against the windshield, and one of his legs was also trapped with the vehicle’s torpedo.

At first, gendarmes and neighbors tried to rescue the wounded man, but it was impossible until the arrival after 40 minutes of the volunteer firefighters who, with the appropriate tools, were able to free the sub-officer.

Another great situation experienced in the place of the road accident and that clearly shows the situation of the health system in the interior of the province, was the ambulance, which had to be pushed since it ran out of battery.

Source: Police Jump

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