Roberto Manrique talks about his homosexuality for the first time

USA.- Roberto Manrique, a driver from Ecuador He has won the affection of the public thanks to his charisma and good humor in front of the camera.

However a few hours ago he also actor surprised his more than 2 million followers, speaking for the first time about his homosexuality through a video that was posted on his account Instagram.

Roberto He can be seen sitting on the street, apparently finishing his exercise and revealed that at the time it seemed that it was not relevant to talk about his sexual orientation, because he has many other things that have made him stand out in his life.

It was then that the ecuadorian After meditating and days of confusion, he realized that he had to take a very important step for his personal welfare and it was just that, to be able to talk about it publicly.

Robertito was created in a world that did not allow him to be who he was, where vulnerability was judged, let alone the fact that I liked men who felt that I have memory that something was wrong with me “added the driver.

Although Roberto made it clear that his family, friends and some fans knew about this news, in the end his goal is empathize and make it clear that you should not have fault, for who you are.

In addition, the driver expressed that he has a relationship of 7 years, where is it located full and in love, described her partner as a being amazing that He is dedicated to activism and that has been part of his professional and personal growth.

He is an incredible and wonderful soul and he has me in love “commented the artist.

The moment he spoke to his family about his homosexuality

Roberto revealed that when he confessed to his dad of his situation, he was concerned about her happiness, because in the end all he wanted was for his son to get the paz.

However the artist He added that in his father’s last moments, he let him know that the homosexuality it has not been a burden in his life and on the contrary he has been able to get ahead and Enjoy life.

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