River gave it back to Sarmiento in Junín and celebrated an agonizing victory

Marcelo Gallardo “patched” on the “patched” and started playing with two shuttlecocks as central markers, but curiously what failed him in the first half was a winger, in this case the right-hander, Alex Vigo, who due to lack of continuity could never make foot in River since he arrived as a great promise from Colón.

Vigo was erratic in the brand but even more so in what is his strength, the handling of the ball with which he allows a clear exit on his side, and a loss within the River Plate area could cost his team the second goal immediately after the Juninenses They took the lead in the 11th minute after a rare goal scored by Gabriel Alanis after a miss from the other side, Milton Casco.

After a good individual action by Jonathan Torres, a cross from Sergio Quiroga arrived from the left that Alanis connected badly from the right, but when his “little shiver” was going to be rejected by Casco, the left-back feigned and let the ball pass for the goalkeeper. Enrique Bologna, replacement of the selected Franco Armani, who, surprised by the inaction of his partner, failed to react.

From there, River gained possession of the ball but lacked depth, and then Sarmiento felt comfortable with managing the coverage of the spaces, which when effective, achieved the purpose of keeping the River Plate attackers away from the area defended by the goalkeeper. Manuel Vicentini.

That is why what River needed was to drill on the sides, something that it could not achieve if it were not for some rise in the aforementioned leading markers, until after half an hour Casco was inspired and amended his error of Sarmiento’s goal with a stacked and subsequent qualification for Jorge Carrascal, which the Colombian solved with a warped right hand that got into the upper left corner of Vicentini’s arch.

Due to what has been done until then by both, one for arrivals and the other for handling the actions, that parity with which the first period was consumed was more in line with what justice demanded of the scoreboard.

The departure of Vigo for the 18-year-old left-back Felipe Salomoni to make his debut, passing Casco to the right side of the River Plate defense, clearly marked the defection of the ex-Colón and the dissatisfaction of Marcelo Gallardo, endorsing the action of the improvised central markers Bruno Zuculini and Felipe Peña Biafore.

It is that the bet of the “Doll” for them was strong, since for example it dispensed with a natural central like Tomás Lecanda, although the decision was due to the greater experience of Zuculini over the youth.

However, Gallardo also ended the game dissatisfied with what Casco did in that second period, since each time he reached the bottom from the right, his discomfort was demonstrated by throwing forced and too frontal centers, which were easily resolved by the team’s defenders. Juninense.

But with just over 10 minutes remaining there was an event that unbalanced that parity in the game that seemed to inevitably lead to the final parity, and it was the expulsion of local defender Brian Salvareschi.

This allowed River to close the match by adding passes closer to the “Verde” area and pressing much closer to Vicentini’s goal, until about 45 minutes and after a “gush” inside the Sarmiento area, he reappeared. Enzo Pérez, for the second consecutive game, to convert precisely the second goal of his team, which raised him to a new victory and also to the highest positions in the championship.


Sarmiento (Junín): Manuel Vicentini; Nicolás Bazzana, Federico Mancinelli and Brian Salvareschi; Matías Molina, Julián Chicco, Sergio Quiroga and Lautaro Montoya; Guido Mainero, Jonathan Torres and Gabriel Alanís. DT: Mario Sciacqua.

River Plate: Enrique Bologna; Alex Vigo, Bruno Zuculini, Felipe Peña Biafore and Milton Casco; Agustín Palavecino, Enzo Pérez, Enzo Fernández and Jorge Carrascal; Federico Girotti and Braian Romero. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.

Goals in the first half: 11m. Alanis (S) and 33m. Carrascal (R).

Goal in the second half: 45m. Enzo Pérez (R).

Changes in the second half: Felipe Salomoni started for Vigo (R) and Luciano Gondou for Mainero (S), 13m. Federico Bravo for Chicco (S), 30m. Yair Arismendi for Alanis (S) and Gabriel Graciani for Torres (S), 35m. Benjamín Rollheiser for Carrascal (R) and Agustín Fontana for Girotti (R), 38m. Claudio Pombo for Quiroga (S) and 41m. José Paradela by Palavecino (R).

Admonished: Montoya, Mancinelli and Mainero (S). Fernández, Fontana and Paradela (R).

Incidence: 34m. Salvareschi (S) expelled from the second half.

Field: Eva Perón Stadium (Sarmiento).

Court: Facundo Tello.

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