Preparing for a hair transplant is really simple: what are the steps

“We perform a physical examination and analyze the medical and family history of the patient, really fast and expeditious tests are done, such as blood tests, traction tests, a scalp biopsy and light microscopy. All these processes are carried out comfortably with the accompaniment of Hair Recovery, it is like when one has to undergo routine examinations and only has to take care of it, there is nothing invasive or complex ”says Dr. Susacasa.

Know the patient’s routine

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Hair Recovery professionals explain the steps for prior hair transplantation and hair recovery.

Dr. Daniel Vivas (MN 21121) from Hair Recovery Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, expands on the steps prior to surgery. how is your work, your schedules and your life. All this helps us to recommend steps to follow after surgery, for example, if the patient had an insufficient diet, or with few nutrients, we could recommend capsules with vitamins and amino acids with a vitamin complex from Scientific Lab, from Hair Recovery ”.

“In any case, they are routine questions, to this is added a very simple pre-surgical analysis process, which does not take much time and is done easily, without pain or complications” explains Dr. Daniel Vivas, ” Many patients believe that they will find themselves with a large battery of tests, but the simplicity of the transplants, the advances in technology and the results mean that the patient can return to life immediately ”.

The after

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Patients can come back to life the next day after the hair transplant, work and carry out their activities as usual.

Patients can come back to life the next day after the hair transplant, work and carry out their activities as usual.

Dr. Susacasa comments that “After the transplant, the patient recovers so quickly that the only thing left is for him to get used to the idea of ​​the hair that he will start to enjoy. Our procedures have really natural results, patients are satisfied with what they achieve, and they can resume their life as soon as possible, because there is no major pain or complications to highlight ”.

“The reality is that recovery is very simple, patients can return to their lives the next day after the transplant, work, carry out their activities as usual; many are not expecting this, they believe that it is a long process ”, Daniel Vivas details. “Transplants have advanced a lot, so everything is getting simpler, from the preparation for the operation to the after. There is no reason for anyone to regret it, they all say they would choose to get their hair back ”.

“In my more than 25 years of experience in Hair Recovery, I see satisfied patients, and we achieve that with our professionalism, our experts, advanced technology and always personalized advice”, Alejandra Susacasa shares, “if someone is doubting whether to have a transplant due to the pre-surgical or post-operative period, there are no complications that justify the doubt ”.

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