Pedro Braillard Poccard: "The future government of Gustavo Valdés will rise to the occasion"

“We must rebuild everything that has been lost in the pandemic, we will have to start over in many things. We must start over, in many activities. In what comes after, this government will rise to the occasion, “said the leader of the Popular Party.

At the same time, the current legislator and referent of the Popular Party affirmed that “since we founded the space, we put a lot of interest in gradually managing to consolidate by force and that is happening.” At the same time, Braillard Poccard, maintained that “the governor himself included my name and there I realized that he was present, because I always tried to do things well, although I did them with mistakes and I had to be in the place where I am now.” .

The greater the triumph, the greater the responsibility

In another sense, if he anticipates that he could have problems in the provincial Senate, he maintained that “no, I don’t think so, I know everyone, I know what they have been working on in their political life, I know the directions they have to take.”

In addition, as deputy governor-elect and future president of the provincial chamber of the Senate, he pointed out: “I am a strong defender in the creation of the Economic and Social Council that has to have a role to shape and guide the initiatives that society has, those innovative ideas and creative that do not come to light ”.

The future government of Gustavo Valdés will rise to the occasion

“We are going to have a luxury Senate, with leaders such as Ricardo Colombi, Sergio Flinta, Noel Breard or Enrique Vaz Torres,” he said.

In reference to the election of the Popular Party, he asserted that “we increased the number of votes in towns such as Capital or Goya. That consolidates the position of the party within the space ”.

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