Osorno authorities call on the elderly population to rely on booster doses

From Osorno, Los Lagos region, assure that there is still mistrust in a group of the population regarding the inoculation of AstraZeneca as a third booster dose against the coronavirus.

However, they insist that citizens must complete their process with vaccines approved by the ISP.

This is how they made it known from the Community Union of Older Adults of Osorno and the Health Advisory Council, who explained that although the reinforcement inoculation process has had good figures and an important participation, there is a group of people who say they are afraid of receiving a different dose than the one that was administered in the previous two.

Despite this, Rolando Ferrada, president of UCAM Osorno, He said that there are many voices without knowledge talking about the process, so he invited the population to get vaccinated.

Carlos Mendoza placeholder image, president of the Health Advisory Council for Older Adults, explained that the phenomenon occurs due to the misinformation that is often shared by social networks.

To the above, he explained that after different operations that the entity has been carrying out in Osorno, they have managed to inoculate more than 700 older adults with their third dose, having only one isolated event with a patient who suffered dizziness in the enclosure, ensuring that the evidence shows that vaccines are safe.

Finally, according to the information provided by the Ministry of Health, there are more than 57 thousand older adults in the Los Lagos region who have received the third booster dose, while for this Tuesday they are expected to approach the vaccination points 65-year-olds, who received their second dose of Sinovac until April 4.

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