Microsoft updates app to check PC compatibility with Windows 11

It now displays more information about the reason for the incompatibility.

An updated version of the PC Health Check application to verify PC compatibility with Windows 11 was made available for download this Friday by Microsoft. The original version of the tool is no longer available for download after many complaints from users. The most common complaints were basically that the app did not provide more detailed information about why the PCs were incompatible with the new operating system that will be released later this year.

Microsoft expands list of CPUs
compatible with Windows 11

According to Microsoft, the updated version of the app is available for 64-bit, 32-bit/ARM versions and also for Windows 10 in S-Mode, which is the version of Windows 10 that only accepts apps offered through the Microsoft Store . Interested users can download the updated version of the application via the links below:

– Download: PC Health Check – 64 bits
– Download: PC Health Check – 32 bits/ARM
– Download: PC Health Check – Windows 10 em Modo S

With the updated version of the PC Health Check app installed, just run it and click the button check now to start the Windows 11 PC compatibility check process, which is very fast:

Reproduction/Fabio Rosolen

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If the application detects that your PC is not Windows 11 compatible, it will will now display the exact reason for the incompatibility and a link with more information. In the example below, my PC was detected as incompatible because of the Ryzen 5 2400G processor:

Observation: Some sources say that Microsoft will allow PCs detected as incompatible to upgrade to Windows 11 using installation media created with the tool that will be made available at the time of the operating system’s release, but we will have to wait and see if this will be confirmed.

Reproduction/Fabio Rosolen

For users with PCs detected as compatible by the updated PC Health Check app, you can click check all results to see more details about the hardware that passed the verification:

Reproduction/Fabio Rosolen

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Reproduction/Fabio Rosolen

Remember that Microsoft also announced today that it has updated the list of processors compatible with Windows 11. The list now includes a few more processors from the Intel Core X and Xeon W lines, and the Intel Core i7-7820HQ, which is present in devices like Microsoft’s Surface Studio. Regarding AMD processors, no other models were added to the list.


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