INM suspends two agents after the attack on a migrant in Chiapas

CHIAPAS, Mexico.-The Migration’s national institute (INM) reports that two federal agents assigned in Chiapas they were suspended of his functions, derived from the investigations initiated last Saturday, August 28.

This is due to the aggressions in the operation implemented on the highway Tapachula-Arriaga, perimeter of the town Cruz de Oro, Tuzantán against a migrant last weekend.

The actions of the public servants of the institute will be subject, invariably, to the principles of legality, objectivity, efficiency, professionalism, honesty and respect for human rights recognized in the Constitution and in this law, ”the statement said.

Members of the INM fell to the ground and kicked a migrant

Both federal immigration agents were formally notified on Sunday, August 29; at the same time this determination was seen by Internal control organ of the INM, for the legal effects that may arise.

In the videos disseminated on social networks, it is observed how on a highway in Chiapas by where a group of migrants was traveling, mostly Central Americans, a dispute broke out between one of them and an INM official.

Seconds later, two more members of the INM came to help their partner but ended up beating the migrant, even knocking him to the ground and kicking his face, while uniformed National Guard guarded the scene with their shields.

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