In work with the UN, Salta adds tools against gender violence

In an inter-institutional meeting with government authorities and the United Nations, a performance report on the application of different programs and the guidelines and objectives for a new phase was presented.

The Minister of Government, Human Rights, Labor and Justice, Ricardo Villada, andYesterday he headed the meeting with members of the United Nations Organization (UN). The minister highlighted the work that is being carried out and that is financed by the European Union, the UN and other international organizations.

Villada, I urge those present to strengthen coordinated and team work, “Further mainstreaming efforts to fight gender violence, a problem that must be attacked on various fronts and constantly through health, education and security, among others ”.

In addition, the official He recalled that Salta is working on the creation of multi-law courts to apply sanctions regarding gender violence. “It will be a way to bring Justice to the families of the victims and send the message that violence in any of its forms is not acceptable,” he remarked.

For his part, the UN Resident Coordinator in Argentina, Roberto Valent, highlighted the efforts of the provincial government in the challenges posed by the problem, referring to the diverse social and geographical conditions of the province that “make access to containment services even more difficult.”

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