Impressive accident complicated the circulation through the road junction

guaymallen waterfront accident 2.jpg

Due, the Cruze was in the middle of the Costanera road and it obstructed the passage for the vehicles that circulated towards the North. In the meantime, the Civic was on the sidewalk, right around the corner.

After 7 o’clock, three policemen arrived at the scene to control the movement of vehicles, and they cut off the hand to the north, so those who wanted to go in that direction had to make a long turn to get back on track.

guaymallen waterfront accident 3.jpg

What’s more, there were delays for those who wanted to enter the City of Mendoza from the East Access, where delays were recorded.

One of the problems in clearing the road was that they had to carry out the breathalyzer test on the drivers of the two cars, but Guaymallén Transit personnel were not present to carry out the measurement.

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