Ignacia Allamand celebrated her 40th birthday: “I can’t believe it”

This Sunday, Ignacia Allamand He celebrated his 40th birthday and shared the celebration on his social networks.

The actress shared on her account Instagram a photograph of her next to one of her birthday cake, images that she accompanied with a message addressed to her more than 205 thousand followers.

“May all birthday celebrations end with fingers and mouths full of cake”, began the text published in the afternoon of this day.

And then he added: “Thanks to those who came, thank you also for your messages, for the love and good vibes. I can’t believe I’ve been 40 years inflating balls in this world and what I lack ”.

“Hug everyone. Drink water. Another day I write them a long and thoughtful text and nag them about having a birthday. Bear with me. Thank you very much, “concluded Ignacia Allamand in her birthday message posted on her Instagram account.

It should be noted that the 40-year-old actress often uses this social network to open up about her depression.

In July, Ignacia referred to her illness on Instagram, explaining her absence during that time from the networks. “Sometimes I go inside and need to sleep and eat and sleep and eat and sleep a little more “he said then.

“For me it appears as a monster that stalks me, it does not allow me to think well and it takes away my energy. Sadnesses that I don’t understand invade me and unexplained anxieties consume me “, he detailed on another occasion.

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