IFE Laboral: how to apply for the bonus for finding a job and what are the amounts to be delivered

In the midst of the health crisis, the government of Sebastián Piñera announced the IFE Laboral (Emergency Labor Income) to combat the negative effects it has generated on the country’s economy.

Thus, Cash amounts will be delivered to workers through electronic transfers in order to generate extra motivation. To do this, access the benefit only must present an employment contract confirming that you started formal work activities. It is also complementary to the IFE Universal.

“We are supporting their recovery through different instruments, especially with the labor IFE, that delivers up to 250 thousand pesos to the groups most affected by the pandemic such as women and young people and up to 200 thousand to the rest, that will allow us to complement economic growth and recovery with more jobs ”, explained the Minister of Finance, Rodrigo Cerda.

IFE Laboral: how to apply for the bonus for finding a job

To access the IFE Labor the employment contract confirming the start of formal activities must be presented. If this has been done in August, the application must be made through the New Job Subsidy. You can even apply for emergency Labor Income if you found a job in July.

The requirements to apply are the following:

  • Have a new employment contract (in the current month or maximum the month prior to the application).
  • Receive a gross monthly remuneration less than or equal to 3 Minimum Monthly Income ($ 1,011,000).
  • Having been unemployed for at least 1 month before starting the new employment contract for which you are applying for the benefit.

At the time of making the request, a contract can be presented: indefinite, fixed-term, for specific work or task, seasonal or part-time. It should be noted that Applications to the Labor IFE start this September 1.

To apply, click here

Amounts provided by the Emergency Work Income

The Labor IFE contemplates different amounts to be delivered. Women will receive 60% of their remuneration, with a monthly ceiling of $ 250,000. Meanwhile, men receive 50% of the salary, with a ceiling of $ 200 thousand per month.

Payment dates of the Labor IFE

Who cannot apply to IFE Labora?

  • People who have not been unemployed before starting the new employment contract for which they apply for the benefit.
  • People who are receiving any of the benefits of the Protected Parenting Law.
  • People who have the effects of their employment contracts suspended by the Employment Protection Law.
  • People who work in the public sector.
  • People who are enjoying a medical license (includes pre and post natal) at the time of their application.

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