How was the spectacular show of Lali and Nicki Nicole in La Voz

The Argentine Voice It is in its final stages and fans do not want to miss a gala of the singing reality show. This Sunday the Montaner team’s quarterfinals were experienced and there was a great surprise: a spectacular show by Nicki Nicole and Lali.

Nicki nicole She is the most listened to Argentine singer on Spotify and accumulates millions of followers on all platforms. At just 21 years old, the trapper was positioned at the top of all the rankings and her music is known all over the world.

Nicole started the show with a solo from “Wapo Tracketero”, a single that brought her to fame, and thanks to which she became known worldwide. Later, Lali joined in and together they sang a duet “Boomerang”. It was the first time that the artists sang together and the networks exploded.

“They treated me well. Very happy to be here. Thank you very much“, Nicki said after the words of Ricky and Mau Montaner who had her as a cocoach in their team.

On her Twitter account, Nicki shared the video of the presentation and wrote: “Entering subtle luckily the queen @lalioficial hahahaha you broke it like always “.

Lali was not far behind and commented on one of the photos that Nicole shared on her networks: “How nice to sing and vibrate with you! You are a beauty nicki I love you”, commented the interpreter of La Ligera.

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