He was born suffering and was rescued by luck: Oscar, the puppy has been looking for a family for 5 months

Since he was born, Óscar, a puppy that is currently up for adoption, began a life of abandonment and suffering. The little dog was given birth by his mother on the public highway, a greyhound dog, and spent two months in oblivion on the streets of Isla de Maipo (Metropolitan region).

In these conditions Óscar was found by David fernandez, a rescuer who has been dedicated to saving abandoned dogs for more than a decade. “Oscar was very ill, he was on the verge of death, he had parvovirus,” he said about the moment he found the dog.

“It was not born well. He was born suffering, but he was fortunate to have rescued him ”, added the rescuer in conversation with DNA.

“We fought a lot for him. He was hospitalized for about a month, but he beat everything. He beat adversity, he beat bad forecasts … “revealed about the puppy’s recovery.

Oscar the puppy when he was found, before being adopted | David fernandez

Thanks to the medical attention received, and the dedication of Fernández and those who helped him, Óscar managed to recover and began his adoption phase. However, it has been five months since then and he has failed to find a home that gives him the love and stability he deserves.

“It’s been a long time, we’ve put him up for adoption, he’s been around for five months, but no one wants him yet”, lamented Fernández, who has rescued more than a thousand animals in his career. “It has cost a lot to give him up for adoption,” he added about the puppy.

Regarding its characteristics, the rescuer explained: “It is a dog that is a greyhound mongrel, but it will not be that big either, it will weigh approximately 20 kilos. It is a sociable, affectionate dog. He is vaccinated, dewormed, with everything up to date and is 8 months old ”.

Oscar seeks to be adopted

Oscar seeks to be adopted

Oscar seeks to be adopted

Oscar seeks to be adopted

If you are interested or interested in adopting Óscar or another dog, you can contact David Fernández through his Facebook at the next link or write to your WhatsApp +56931038824.

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