Guided tours began in the Margarita Belén Memory Park

The provincial government, through the Secretariat for Human Rights and Gender, and Within the framework of the International Day of the Victims of Forced Disappearances, it began this Monday with guided tours in the Margarita Belén Memory Park.

In this initial journey, The first groups to visit were young people from the Toba neighborhood, from EES No. 77 General Savio de Margarita Belén and from DIAT (Comprehensive Territorial Approach Device).

They have the objective of discussing fundamental concepts linked to our past, recognizing the places linked to the actions of State terrorism, reflecting on the events that occurred in the Massacre and promoting the validity of the policies of Memory, Truth and Justice.

The proposed program includes different activities to carry out visits, workshops and trainings, seeking to promote the vindication of the memory of the victims of illegal repression; favor a generational exchange between survivors of the last civic-military dictatorship and the young population; provide tools for critical and reflective analysis of a democratic society; and promote community participation in the construction of collective memory.

The guided visits were inaugurated with a first target group belonging to the Toba neighborhood, another from the EES N ° 77 “General Savio” by Margarita Belén and the DIAT (Comprehensive Territorial Approach Device), the young people being transferred to the place by the Institute of Tourism of the Province.

For more information and programming of new meetings, those interested can send an email to the following mailbox: parquedel[email protected]

The Margarita Belén Memory Park is the first of its kind at the regional level to be – in turn – a place of memory, that is, a place where not only victims of State terrorism are commemorated, but also where the same was exercised.

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