Federal A: Central Norte was much more than Sarmiento, and they thrashed it 3-0

Sarmiento fell without mitigating against Central Norte de Salta, by 3 to 0, in a match played at the “Padre Martearena” stadium, on date 19 of the Federal A soccer tournament, although it still remains in classification positions in Zone B.

Diego Magno, 30 seconds into the second half, opened the scoring for the Salta team, who stretched the lead at 39, with a goal from Cristian Chavarría. In injury time, Germán Lesman, from a penalty kick, sealed the final 3-0.

With this result, the Dean has 23 units, and is seventh, while Central Norte reached 28 points.

Sarmiento needs to add to avoid being left out of the classification zone, since there are several teams that are “hot on his heels.”

On the next date, the team led by Ariel Damato will be local to Chaco For Ever, in the classic.

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