Exclusive! Lionel Ferro’s love story with Amira Chediak: “Now our project is …"

The young actor of I’m moon has become one of the most important youtubers and influencers in the country. Despite his short and incipient artistic career Lío Ferro (26) has shown its versatility when it comes to adapting to different artistic proposals both on television and on new platforms.

Talented, friendly, good vibes and charismatic, the boy from Capilla del Monte, Córdoba, has won the hearts of more than 7 million of people who choose to follow him on his instagram account and almost 800 thousand On twitter. Not counting its YouTube channel that exceeds the 3 millions subscribers.

But in addition to the talent and their jobs, the new participant of Showmatch, The academy It is characterized by sharing family moments in its different social networks. And it is there where his audience already feels part of it when they see daily stories and posts of Lío with his wife Amira Chediak and her little daughter Roma (2).

They say that next to every great man there is a great woman. Well here, the actor himself in exclusive dialogue with Paparazzi He tells who they are, not one but, but the two women in his life. “We met Amira 5 and a half years ago through mutual friends and on Instagram. A friend of hers was dating a friend and she told me that she was going to introduce me to someone I was going to marry “Ferro started.

And he continued relating, “lAnd I said to show it to me and we started talking to each other on instagram until one day we saw each other and we never parted again. It was re crazy. It was when I was recording Soy Luna. My friends were all fucking and I was full of boyfriend. It was weird, but the truth is that we didn’t part anymore. At the same time we got to know our families and we started with travel projects together ”.

Luckily, before coming to Rome, we traveled a lot for my work, they hired me from other countries because the audience is international because of Soy Luna. We did the Bahamas, Orlando, Miami, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, tours singing with my show… After 2 or 3 years of being together, Rome arrived and once it was born, the pandemic began four months later “Lionel recalled in dialogue with this portal.

And it was regarding the arrival of his daughter that the artist recognized: “TI was afraid of not being able to be next to her in her growth and the pandemic arrived and she gave me all the time in the world to be with my daughter and that was so nice. Now we are with the project of wanting to find the little brother for Rome because it seems to us that he deserves to have a little brother and we loved being a dads. Do everything at once and don’t wait”.

Fortunate in love and happy with his partner and daughter, Ferro is also fortuitous at work. After his successful artistic debut in I’m moon for Disney Channel, Lío continued to grow and today it shines on the track Showmatch at the same time that he is recording a new series that will be released shortly. “I am also making my songs and my music which is a side project”He added.

Finally, Lionel acknowledged: “I’m a good dad because I grew up a little away from my parents, more from my dad. My mom went to work when I was little to help me. I grew up with my grandparents and it was so cute because they taught me that culture of being a parent, a partner and how important a child is. Those values ​​were given to me by my grandfather and my grandmother. Learning life because I grew up away from my dad”.

“We saw each other with Amira and we never separated again. After 3 years of being together, Rome arrived and the pandemic begins within months. Now we are with the project of wanting to look for the little brother,” said the artist.

“I am a good dad because I grew up a bit away from my parents, more from my dad. My mom went to work when I was little to help me “

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