Delta variant in Bahia: no cases in the rest of the group of the first positive

The confirmation of the first case of the delta variant of coronavirus in Bahía Blanca was a blow for everyone, not only because of the health danger that its arrival represents, but because of the way it did it: a group of Filipino workers arrived from Mexico, contacts straits of a person who in the Federal Capital had tested positive for this strain, they were inexplicably able to continue the trip to our city, where one of them also began to have symptoms.

The alarm went off in the middle of last week, causing several headaches: not only did we have to deal with a positive assumption in our city, but we also had to search, find and test those who might have had some kind of contact with this group; that is, taxi drivers, travelers with whom they shared the plane from Buenos Aires and anyone who could have crossed them. Not even the mayor Héctor Gay was spared, since he had traveled with them from the Metropolitan Airport.

From the first moment, these people are isolated in a hotel in Bahía Blanca, of the seven that are enabled for those who arrive from abroad, where they are carrying out the corresponding quarantine and would be there until next weekend. They are isolated and they have been since they got off the plane, it is indicated from sectors linked to health and the care of protocols. Even when they must go to the port of Bahía Blanca to board the ship – such was their original plan – they must present a negative PCR analysis carried out 72 hours before, in order to enter the Bahia terminal.

At the moment, all the tests that have been carried out have been negative, so the only case of true delta variant in our city would correspond to the one that was detected last Wednesday.

The group where the first positive was known in Bahía Blanca arrived on flight AR1620, which arrived on Thursday 19 at 2:10 p.m. from the Metropolitan Airport.

“None of these people has declared symptoms linked to the delta variant,” provincial health sources indicated to “The new one.“-. We are doing a constant telephone follow-up and until today in the morning, no one acknowledged having symptoms.”

“All the rapid tests that were carried out were negative”, it was confirmed.

In addition, it was confirmed that the isolation period is ten days, both for the confirmed case for those who were isolated without symptoms, so it is assumed that over the weekend, these people could already leave the hotel.

Days ago, the head of Infectious Diseases of the Bahia Municipal Hospital, Diego Maurizi, had pointed out that “the risk of serious illness does not increase significantly” in cases of the delta variant of coronavirus.

Regarding vaccines, he said that “the antibodies have a lower efficacy”: with one dose, a person achieves 40 or 50% protection, and with the second dose he climbs to 80 or 90%.

“This goes hand in hand with clinical disease, but it has been shown that the risk of severe disease is not significantly increased,” he said.

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