Covid patients organized orgies and fights in a hospital

Samut Prakan, in Thailand, had a strange day. Police officials raided a field hospital for COVID-19 patients after receiving reports of group sex, smoking and drug use, and fights.

The reports of what happened were generated by the nursing staff who complained about the behavior of the patients. A good part of the 900 internees broke the rules and regulations of the hospital.

The kidnapped images showed that men and women visited each other often, although drug use could not be proven. In turn, electronic cigarettes and tobacco were seized but no drugs or weapons were found.

Colonel Prathuang Kaewtui, deputy director of the Samut Prakan Internal Security Operations Command, commented that hospital workers had taken steps to control the situation. Initially, men and women were separated into different areas and the patients were reviewed, but it was not enough.

Finally, the internees were warned that any other complaint would cause an immediate transfer. At the same time, it was determined that any person who is discharged must undergo a drug detection test that, if positive, will lead to legal action.

Source: RT

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