Clickbait, the series that explores the dark side of social networks

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Will people be able to not watch the video for fear that the death threat is real or will curiosity and curiosity be stronger?

These are some of the questions that the series will develop, but from different and complementary points of view, such as that of the sister, the detective in charge, the wife and a journalist assigned to this news, to name a few that do not spoil the directions that it will acquire the narration.

These points of view not only seek to discover if what those disturbing posters affirm is true (and Nick has a double life), but also who or who are behind the camera and have the reputation and the life of this man in their hands.

The search will be led mainly by Sophie and Pia, opposite in their characters and in the way they bear the pain for Nick’s absence. Throughout their investigations, the secrets of both will come to light, in a relationship that takes them from allies to antagonists intermittently, in the extensive process of finding this essential man in their lives.

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The series has a rather biased point of view regarding social media, as in most of the subplots, they are seen as dangerous and nefarious. They are an instrument of deception, manipulation and even media lynching, an aspect that is also developed collaterally by the excellent series La director, recently released on the same platform.

Clickbait (which could be translated as a hook to click on a video) questions reality and not just virtual reality. What others have seen from day to day in good Nick as a professional and husband, is it really the truth? The image of this beaten man, holding a sign stating that he is an abuser: is it a confession or the prelude to a tragedy?

Beyond the partial vision of social networks that the series may raise, it is interesting how it describes the construction of the image that we make of others from what we see, know or intuit in real life and everything that we You can provide your digital identity. It is clear that deception is possible with or without screens in between.

It is interesting how each of the points of view contributes to creating different suspects that are discarded and that contribute to the fundamental quality of this miniseries: it is absolutely addictive, because over low heat it unravels the mystery behind Nick’s kidnapping and remains always the question of who he really is and who wanted to hurt him.

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The downside is that by dint of giving so many twists and turns, when the final chapter is actually reached (called “The Answer” for obvious reasons) the outcome is too forced and even unthinkable by virtue of the data that have been provided to us up to that moment. Therefore, it is acceptable narratively, but disappointing.

In addition, some characters do not contribute much to the general plot, so dedicating an entire chapter to them only contributes to unnecessarily extending the main story.

Regardless of its resolution, Clickbait is adrenaline-pumping and addictive entertainment. Its narrative construction maintains the suspense and that makes it a series that is impossible not to see at once. It is not the best of this year, but it fulfills its premise of providing a good gallery of characters (most of them well interpreted), growing suspense and not a few secrets revealed. Enough to spend several hours entertaining.


Actores: Zoe Kazan, Betty Gabriel, Adrian Grenier, Phoenix Raei (Roshan Amir), Abraham Lim (Ben Park), Jessie Collins (Emma Beesley), Ian Meadows (Matt Aldin) y reparto.

Direction: Brad Anderson, Emma Freeman, Ben Young and Laura Besley.

Chapters: 8 (from 42 to 52 minutes).

Suitable for people over 16 years.

Rating: good.


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