Chaco will receive 10,600 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, donated by Spain

Between this Tuesday and Wednesday, 399,000 doses of AstraZeneca and Oxford will reach the 24 jurisdictions of the country, which were donated by the Spanish government, within the framework of the Strategic Vaccination Plan that the national government deploys to combat Covid-19.

According to the criteria established by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, based on the population of each district, the province of Buenos Aires will have 154,600 doses; 26,800 to the City of Buenos Aires; to Catamarca 3,700; to Chaco 10,600; to Chubut 5,500; to Córdoba 33,100; to Corrientes 9,900; to Entre Ríos 12,200; to Formosa 5,300; to Jujuy 6,800; 3,200 to La Pampa; to La Rioja 3,500; to Mendoza 17,500; to Missions 11,100; to Neuquén 5,900; to Río Negro 6,600; to Salta 12,600; to San Juan 6,900; to San Luis 4,500; to Santa Cruz 3,300; to Santa Fe 31,100; to Santiago del Estero 8,600; to Tierra del Fuego 1,600 and to Tucumán 15,000.

Since the beginning of the immunization campaign, Argentina received 48,210,120 vaccines, of which 16,304,000 correspond to Sinopharm; 13,118,795 to Sputnik V (9,775,635 from component 1 and 3,343,160 from component 2); 11,415,700 to those of AstraZeneca and Oxford, whose active principle was produced in Argentina; 3,500,000 to Moderna; 1,944,000 to AstraZeneca through the WHO COVAX mechanism; 580,000 to AstraZeneca-Covishield and 200,000 to Cansino.

Likewise, the national pharmaceutical company Richmond produced 1,147,625 doses of Sputnik V in the country: 995,125 of component 1 and 152,500 of component 2.

According to the Public Vaccination Monitor, Until this Tuesday morning, 44,491,834 doses of vaccines were distributed throughout the territory, while applications total 39,605,804. Of this total, 27,330,979 people were inoculated with the first dose and 12,274,825 have the complete vaccination scheme.

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