Argentina, with a Bahian, could not against the United States, which never lost in the history of the tournament

Argentina had a great first quarter (they won it 20-11), although they could not maintain the advantage that became 14 (they fell in the second and third quarters 19-11 and 29-19 respectively), losing the final to the United States , by 90 to 75, for which he finished second in the U16 World Cup, which was played in Xalapa, Mexico.

The complete statistics

This defeat cut off the undefeated Albiceleste in the tournament, who ended up running into an opponent who never lost a match in the seven editions disputed, thus adding 37 wins.

Apart from this fall, Argentina had already qualified for the U17 World Cup.

In the Argentine team played Matías Zanotto from Bahia, who completed 11m42 on the court, plus 3 points (1-3 in triples and 0-1 in doubles) and 5 rebounds.

Tiziano Prome also participated, from Mar del Plata who was recruited by Bahía Basket and who finished with 15 points (0-1 in triples, 7-11 in doubles and 1-3 in singles), plus 6 rebounds, 5 losses and 2 recoveries, in 30m30 .

The extra prize that he took was the choice in the ideal five of the tournament, averaging 11.4 points, 7.2 rebounds and 1 cap.

The quintet: Robert Dillingham (USA), Ronald Holland (USA), Tiziano Prome (Argentina), Mikkel Tyne (Canada) and Danny Carbuccia (Dominican).

The MVP was the American Robert Dillingham.

Final positions: 1st) United States, 2nd) Argentina, 3rd) Canada, 4th) Dominican, 5th) Brazil, 6th) Mexico, 7th) Puerto Rico and 8th) Chile.

No podium

The U16 women’s national team, lost to Mexico, by 72 to 67 and closed the Guanajuato World Cup in fourth place and with the classification assured to the U17 World Cup in 2022.

Champion was the United States, defeating Canada, 118-45.

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