Alberto Fernández to the CGT: “We are the only ones who have a project that generates investment, production and work”

President Alberto Fernández met this afternoon at the Casa Rosada with the leadership of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) and during the meeting he stated: “We are the only ones who have a project that generates investment, production and work for Argentines.”

At the meeting, it was agreed that the economic cabinet will soon attend the CGT to hold a meeting with the workers’ representatives, and thus continue to analyze how reactivation and growth are impacting each sector.

Fernández, who was accompanied by the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero; the Secretary of Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Beliz; the Deputy Chief of Staff, Cecilia Todesca, and the Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Claudio Moroni, assured that they are “convinced more and more that we are on the right path” and recalled that “Argentina is going to grow 8 percent in 2021 “.

The union representatives, meanwhile, agreed that “the workers are hopeful.” “That hope was the vaccine, and with the vaccine came reactivation,” they remarked.

In addition, they argued that “the economic recovery is felt: employment is growing, machinery production is already sold for the whole year, factories continue to add shifts and we are substituting imports.”

Héctor Daer; Carlos Acuña; Andrés Rodríguez; Gerardo Martínez; Armando Cavalieri; José Luis Lingieri; Antonio Caló; Rodolfo Daer; Noemí Ruiz; Roberto Fernández; Jorge Sola; Victor Santa Maria; Sergio Romero; Robustiano Geneiro and Sebastián Maturano.

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