Ukrainian government sites suffer massive cyber attack

Several official Ukrainian government sites were disabled after a massive cyberattack perpetrated by unknown persons.

The attackers also left threatening messages warning readers to “be afraid and hope for the worst.”

Although a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country described the incident as a massive cyberattack, he indicated that no content on the sites had been altered and that no personal data was leaked.

The same official explained that the sites of the government cabinet, the security and defense councils and the education ministry were the ones that were most affected.

“Our specialists are already working to restore the functioning of computer systems, and the cyber police has opened an investigation,” he acknowledged.

“We can imagine who is behind”

Although at the moment the identity of those responsible is unknown, the Ukrainian authorities assure that Russia could be behind the attacks.

“It is too early to draw conclusions, but there is a long history of Russian attacks against Ukraine,” another Ukrainian government spokesperson told Sky News.

For his part, Josep Borrell, head of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, pointed out that “he has no proof of who was responsible”, but “we can imagine who is behind it.”

The cyberattack occurs at a particularly delicate time between the two nations, as it is estimated that about 100,000 Russian soldiers are gathered near the border with Ukraine.

In the wake of this fragile scenario, Western intelligence agencies warn that an invasion by the Russians could be imminent.

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