Two councilors of Together for Change received death threats

The envelopes each contained death threats. As reported through a press release, the message said: “This is how you are going to end.” The texts were written with a pen, in handwritten letters.

In addition, the envelopes contained a substance that at first glance appears or pretends to be ashes. And, in addition, the advertising of a funeral home in the provincial capital. The complaint was filed with the Regional Prosecutor’s Office I of the city of Santa Fe.


Through the published document, Together for Change assured that “this action is directly related to the legislative work of the aforementioned councilors. Both councilors they have permanently tackled difficult issues that every modern city must face. “

In addition, he highlighted that “all the members of the Interblock of Together for the Change of the Honorable Municipal Council strongly repudiate the threats received by these two legislators.”


Both Ceresola and Suárez participated in the primary election (Paso) last weekend.

Ceresola obtained 7,720 votes, more than 16 percent of the total of the Juntos por el Cambio front, while Suárez obtained 6,743 votes, more than 14 percent of that obtained by the alliance that exceeded 47 thousand votes.

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