Tulio Gómez president of América de Cali, confessed that there are differences with Osorio but supports him

The president of the Cali club America from Cali, Tulio Gómez, in dialogue with the newspaper The country, cleared up some doubts about their relationship and differences between the directive and the coach Juan Carlos Osorio, current commander of the red box.

Due to the speculation that was generated by the results before the home runs of the Liga BetPlay 2021 II, where there was talk of a possible departure of the Risaraldense strategist, which beyond finally not taking place, left a tasteless between the parties, apparently.

The scarlet president, these days is in the task of bringing America the best options for what will be the next season of the Colombian championship, without supposedly having Osorio’s opinion, which led to some suspicions.

Although it is true that there are differences between the Board of Directors of América de Cali and its helmsman, the manager affirmed in the interview that he supports Osorio “until death.”

Photo: Instagram profe_j.c_osorio

With the aim of taking the titles of the local tournaments and having an outstanding participation in the South American Cup, the Valle del Cauca club, is armed with new faces for its squad, in which they highlight John Édison García and Juan Camilo Portilla:

“Three or four more players will arrive than we are negotiating for the shuttlecock area and attack. Even two number 9 will arrive. Gianfranco Peña, a young scorer from Valledupar, arrives and we hope to close with Alejandro Quintana, the Argentine from Bucaramanga ”.

“In 2019 the Sports Committee was the one that hired the players and we were champions, including the coach. The same thing happened in 2020. In 2021 we gave Professor Osorio carte blanche and the incorporations we brought in were not the best. Now we have decided to be the ones to watch and bring the players, but Professor Osorio only likes Colombians. America has also been great with foreign players ”.

Photo: Instagram America de Cali

Photo: Instagram America de Cali

The newspaper questioned him about whether there are differences with the technician, and the manager responded.

“No, they are discrepancies that arise, as everywhere, but they are not radical or irreconcilable divisions, at all. And despite the fact that we have differences with Osorio, we will back him to death ”.

He also affirmed that there were no verbal aggressions, as some supposed.

“But we have not fought or mistreated each other. We chat with him on a daily basis. We had a conversation and I said to him: “Either we work together or we perish separately.”

Finally, Gómez was asked: Has Osorio considered resigning?

Not at all. We have to support Osorio, he is the coach. As a famous European manager put it: “I will back my coach to death for up to five minutes before firing him.” He sentenced.

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