Tourism: Rosario had the best weekend since December, with full hotel occupancy

“We had been having good weekends and we saw sustained growth, this weekend we had full occupancy. In fact we had to divert some tourists to nearby towns, both on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Those days we were constantly consulting hotel by hotel to see if any reservation fell to be able to occupy immediately, which happened ”, added Mattheus.

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Photo: Silvina Salinas / La Capital

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Speaking to the LT8 program “The first in the morning”, the Minister of Tourism specified that most of the visitors who arrived in Rosario “did so from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba (a trend that it has been deepening lately), Entre Ríos and Santa Fe itself ”.

Corporate tourism

Mattheus recalled that tourism “was one of the activities hardest hit by the pandemic on the entire planet. Although what happened this weekend is a relief, we must continue working so that this growth is sustained. We were visiting Córdoba and Carlos Paz to promote Rosario as a tourist destination. That is something we have been doing since December 7. We toured all of Santa Fe, Córdoba, we went to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, to the province of Buenos Aires. The idea is to continue working so that every weekend is good for Rosario and so that by 2022 we can reactivate corporate tourism, meetings and conventions ”.

When mentioning the steps taken to reinforce this tourist “niche” in which Rosario had a prominent presence, the Secretary of Tourism listed: “With Córdoba we have a tourist cooperation agreement that both mayors signed and that we signed with the convention bureau, so that this agreement is public and private. And we continue working with both cities to capture the events together for 2022/2023 “.

“There are big events that are scheduled well in advance. Three weekends ago, which were not long, we had the first marathon that was run in the post-pandemic country and the World Bicycle Forum. That weekend we had full occupation of the hotel industry. We have to reinforce the work in that sense, “he added.

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Photo: Silvina Salinas / La Capital

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“We took steps from day one. When the strictest restrictions were in force, we came out with a strong campaign so that the organizers do not cancel the conventions or meetings that attracted corporate tourism, but rather reschedule. We work all the protocols. We had the first video with directions on how to run a fair across the country. This material was used in different cities in Argentina ”, he added.

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