Toni Costa’s style secrets to always look young

The former partner of Adamari López, the Spanish dancer Toni Costa, has some style secrets to always look young. However, he himself confessed that it is not complicated and everyone can do it.

It is worth noting that the dancer is professionally dedicated to dancing from a very young age and, as part of his job, is to always stay well and look appropriate to the occasions. That way, you remember when he shaved his face, as rarely happens, and the result was surprising, because he looked so much younger.

Everyone talks about Adamari López and her great physical change. However, for his part, Toni Costa, it also has its own. The young Spanish dancer is very handsome. To their 38 years, discovered that there are some ways to look good and maybe a little younger.

Therefore, it is worth remembering that, the time he was seen without a beard, as rarely happens, the Spanish dancer showed his beautiful face that changed slightly, giving way to a much younger Toni in appearance.

However, it is not only about appearance or a simple beard cut, but about the particular style you have to wear. According to Toni Costa himself, he does not live paying much attention to his clothing, but he did admit that in recent times it stops much more than before.

SOURCE: El Diario NY

So he counted some secrets that nobody expected. The most important is that he always pays attention to the suggestions that little Alaïa gives him. The dancer takes into account everything that his daughter says and This is how she improves her style when combining her wardrobes.

However, another of his secrets – and not so secret – is that he recognizes that, the fact of Following a healthy routine has given you a better way of life. That is reflected in the way they dress and why not, in looking younger.

The dancer, in addition to eating healthy, he lives doing gymnastics and he also continues to offer his Zumba classes. For years, he has chosen to eat the right diet for his lifestyle. Being consistent all the time is likely to be reflected in looking younger.

In the same way, do not forget that Toni Costa He is 38 years old and, due to his way of life, it is consequently that he looks like this, always splendid. What do you think?

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