Toni Costa conquered Evelyn Beltrán with this hidden charm

Toni Costa, the Spanish dancer, ex of Adamari Lopez and father of his only daughter, Alaïa, would have started an affair with the Latin influencer Evelyn Beltran, but no one knows, until now, how was it that he conquered her. Rumors say he has a hidden charm. Which do you think it will be?

Only a few months have passed since Adamari López announced the end of the relationship with Toni Costa, and the dancer was quickly linked to another woman. It is presumed –since they never made it official– that the new owner of his heart could be Evelyn Beltran. So far, it does not go beyond messages that come and go on social networks.

However, both have already been seen in several meetings. Even so, they continue to send each other affectionate messages on their social networks, to the point that, a few days ago, Toni came out to defend her against the harsh criticism that her girl would have received, accusing her of being a bad mother.

The youtuber and instagramer Evelyn Beltran, from one day to the next, appeared as the woman who would have conquered the heart of Toni Costa. The young, gorgeous woman with very striking curves is a popular influencer and calls herself ‘La bichota’.

On all broadcast networks, he constantly uploads photos and videos of his day-to-day life as well as his hobbies, where he accumulates thousands of “likes”. In addition to being a famous tiktoker, she is a model and singer. For this reason, she is very careful of her physique and voice, since they are her priority to delight her followers around the world.

Apparently, he lives in Austin, Texas and has a 4-year-old son. The girl, of Latin origin, has not only come into Toni Costa’s life for her beauty, but also – according to what they say – for her charismatic way of being. Humble and with a lot of characterThe Latina knows very well what she wants. Along the same lines, many wonder how Toni Costa conquered Evelyn Beltrán.

SOURCE: Terra Chile

He’s a real gentleman: The hidden charm of Toni Costa

When traversing how messages started back and forth between Toni Costa Y Evelyn Beltran, you can see that the dancer was always very careful with his comments. However, in each of them there was present some other heart or some affectionate word.

For this reason, the rumors of a new romance began. Although, until now, neither of the 2 made the relationship official, relatives assure that the dancer conquered Evelyn Beltrán with a hidden charm, Y it is the respect with which he treats her like a gentleman, as well as the space he gives her within his hectic life.

It should be noted that the Mexican influencer has her stipulated days to be with her child, while the rest of her free hours are spent working. Although they have judged her a bad mother, she was outraged before her audience on the networks:

“One of the most difficult things in a separation is the children, since in my case he is a little young to understand that the time between his parents has to be shared.” In this way, he clarified that every time he says goodbye to his son, it is a hard moment.

In the same way it happens to Toni Costa with her daughter. For this reason, he conquered Evelyn Beltrán, because he respects her time and understands the few moments in which she spends time with her little Timothy.

Close to Beltrán, they affirm that It had been a long time since Evelyn had been approached by anyone in her life with the respectful ways that Toni Costa does. For the tiktoker, that is the best charm he found in the dancer.

So far, the question of whether they are a couple or not continues to hover, since neither has confirmed nor denied it. How much more time do you think will have to pass?

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