Tomás Angulo after Giuliana Rengifo’s apology: “I was going to sue her for two million soles” | Shows

After accepting Giuliana Rengifo’s apology, the psychologist Tomás Angulo revealed details of the lawsuit that he would file against the cumbia singer if she did not rectify the statements she gave on the program Amor y fuego, where she accused him of trying going overboard with her in a therapy session.

He said that in addition to a millionaire sum of money, because he felt that the former member of Agua bella had tainted his honor and his professional career.

“We were about to execute the demand for 2 million soles for aggravated defamation, we had already gathered all the evidence,” said Tomás Angulo to the national media.

Tomás Ángulo asks Giuliana Rengifo for an immediate rectification of his statements. Photo: GLR


Tomás Angulo accepts Giuliana Rengifo’s apology

Through his Instagram account, the therapist mentioned that he understood the reasons that led Giuliana Rengifo to launch that accusation against him. He blamed “the vultures of the rating”, in reference to the conductors of Love and fire.

“I am not a spiteful or vindictive person. I am a person who can understand the reasons that led her to such a lie, “he said. “It was misguided, by the same rating hunting vultures. It is not possible to speak so lightly of a person who has taken care of his honor, his professional image with such care and dedication ”, reads his statement.

Tomás Angulo accepts Giuliana Rengifo’s apology. Photo: Tomás Angulo / Facebook


Giuliana Rengifo retracts a statement about Tomás Angulo

The singer Giuliana Rengifo published a statement in which she denied having been the victim of sexual harassment by Tomás Angulo. “I must clarify that at no time did I claim to have suffered any harassment by the indicated professional or that he has gone too far during the referred psychological therapy sessions that he gave me,” he began.

“He categorically ruled out having been the victim of any harassment on his part. (…) I offer my apologies for the case to those who may have felt affected by them ”, ends the announcement of the cumbiambera.

Statement from Giuliana Rengifo. Photo: Giuliana Rengifo / Instagram

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