Tolosa Paz: "People said ‘Up here’ because they have no money"

The candidate for national deputy of the Frente de Todos in the Province of Buenos Aires Victoria Tolosa Paz acknowledged that “the people with their vote said ‘up to here'” and remarked that the Government must “accelerate the economic recovery” because the citizens “do not have twine”.

“At the end of the pandemic, it needs to take on a dynamism that until now we have not taken. People do not have to continue suffering the loss of purchasing power in wages and yesterday they demonstrated it,” said the candidate of the ruling party, who was defeated against Juntos in the STEP. In radio statements, the former president of the National Council for the Coordination of Social Policies analyzed the results of the elections and stated that “there are many annoyances of the people that the Government has to resolve.”

“The people with their vote said ‘up to here’. We must accelerate the economic recovery because people do not have money,” said Tolosa Paz. And he added: “The forcefulness at the polls expresses that they do not accompany us that way. The tools and public policies that we can understand were necessary have not been able to reach the homes, that they told us not like that. This is a work of reconstruction and of very deep decision-making. “

In that sense, the candidate for national deputy remarked that the Buenos Aires population showed its rejection because it considered that “with inflation that eats up wages (you cannot live); with wages that are depressed and that we try to rebuild, no; with retirements that are almost in a point of equilibrium, no “.

The reference from La Plata indicated that “the discontent in society towards the Frente de Todos is clear” and told what the path should be to try to reverse the defeat in the general elections of November 14. “The forcefulness in the result requires forcefulness in the change of tools,” he outlined.

When asked if the scandal of the dissemination of images of celebrations in the Quinta de Olivos during the strict quarantine could explain the harsh result of the ruling party, Tolosa Paz said: “I think that when you see a result of this forcefulness there must be a multiplicity of Factors. Possibly that influenced, as inflation did, the loss of wages. There are many things that influence “. In any case, he also considered that “it is probable” that the electoral campaign of the Frente de Todos has focused on loyalty of its own vote and not on trying to attract undecided voters. (NA)

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