To jail: They annul the domicile of those accused of kidnapping a taxi driver

It was news at the beginning of December when a video of a case of extortion kidnapping was viralized on social networks, in the northern border area of ​​our province, in Salvador Mazza. In said video, Carlos Pellegrino Argañaraz claimed to be deprived of his liberty in a domicile in the city of Yacuiba or San José de Pocitos (Bolivia) and that the kidnappers demanded US $ 28,000 in exchange for their freedom.

It was not until the middle of last month that it was known the arrest of three subjects accused of extortionate kidnapping de Pellegrino, a 30-year-old taxi driver, as the detainees are relatives of each other, one of them is also a relative of the victim, and they are based in the province of Neuquén, where they were apprehended as a result of a series of raids. .

Now there is news in the case. It is that the members of Chamber I of the Federal Court of Appeals of Salta they revoked the house arrest of the three men accused of kidnapping the taxi driver and ordered his transfer to a Penitentiary Unit.

In the framework of the hearing to formalize the accusation, the defense of the three men accused of the extortionate kidnapping requested their house arrest, which was granted by the judge of guarantees of Orán, Jorge Gustavo Montoya.

However, the measure was challenged by the representation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. In a hearing held this morning, Judge Mariana Inés Catalano and Judge Luis Renato Rabbi Baldi spoke in favor of revoking the house arrest timely granted to the three defendants, ordering their transfer to a Penitentiary Unit where they will remain until their procedural situation is resolved. For his part, his colleague Guillermo Federíco Elías, gave his opinion about maintaining the house arrest.

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