Tlajomulco, a benchmark in handling the pandemic in Latin America

Tlajomulco continues to be an example of good governance in Latin America, and for the fifth consecutive year the municipality participated in the International Congress of the Latin American Center for Development Administration (CLAD), on the Reform of the State and Public Administration, held in Bogotá, Colombia.

Mayor Salvador Zamora Zamora spoke about the strategy to overcome the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Tlajomulco, through the implementation of an economic policy based on the generation of productive investment through public investment from the municipal level.

“The economic reactivation policy of our municipality to recover from the pandemic consisted of, first, public investment as a generator of private investment, as a generator of productive investment, because in three years, despite the pandemic, we managed to invest more than three billion pesos, between state and municipal resources and private initiative ”, explained the mayor.

“We managed to create a great partnership between citizens and the government to be able to defeat this pandemic, not without first forgetting how important economic matters are, how important economic resources are, and Tlajomulco, this year 2021, will deliver very good accounts” .

Zamora Zamora gave the presentation “The pandemic management plan from the local government”, where he addressed the economic reactivation strategy, which was based on attracting private investment through various actions such as having healthy municipal finances, guaranteeing public safety conditions , invest in public services and infrastructure, promote industrial parks and implement actions to mitigate climate change.

Among the main results, Zamora highlighted that, during this 2021, Tlajomulco attracted 11,800 million pesos of private investment, which represents an increase of up to 130 percent compared to the last three years.

There he specified that only one percent of the investment was for the construction of housing, while 99 percent was directed to the automotive industry, industrial parks, manufacturing, laboratory of supermarkets, squares and shopping centers.

He highlighted projects such as the second runway at the Guadalajara International Airport and an Amazon distribution center, which will generate up to 3,000 jobs.

“Overcoming the pandemic in all its aspects has been a challenge because it has led us to innovate every day, the municipal president is involved in all issues from innovation, health control, giving us powers that we did not have,” added the mayor .

Officials such as Omar Enrique Cervantes Rivera, Secretary General of the City Council; Jorge Gregorio Casillas García, chief of staff, and Héctor Guillermo Hernández Aguayo, general coordinator of smart government and government innovation.



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