TikTok, the new El Dorado for beauty brands

TikTok, stronger than Google? It seems that yes. In 2021, according to the American company Cloudfare, the Chinese application became the most visited website, thus dethroning all Gafa (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon). In other words, the video platform today generates more traffic than any other site and service. In a few figures, TikTok is today 1 billion monthly active users including 14.9 million in France, 5 billion videos watched each month or even 1.9 billion dollars in turnover. Impressive data that does not go unnoticed by beauty brands.

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On TikTok, the world of beauty rules

Every person registered on TikTok can testify: this platform is addictive. Often downloaded out of curiosity, the application quickly becomes the most viewed on your smartphone. The keys to success? The ultra-intelligent algorithm that analyzes your areas of interest in order to offer you personalized content in the “for you” tab that may be of interest to you. Results ? Hours of scrolling watching videos of dancing, makeup, acting, cooking, etc.

Among the jungle of videos published every day on TikTok, those oriented around beauty dominate. “Videos with the hashtag #beauty account for nearly 72 billion views, and its French version # beauty 452 million. TikTok’s very specific state of mind – focused on creativity, authenticity and inclusion – has helped to unleash the imagination of users and to diversify the content dealing with beauty ”, analyzes Arnaud Cabanis, Managing Director Global Business Solutions at TikTok France.

On the program: make-up tutorials, advice on taking care of your skin, testimonials to promote self-acceptance, crash tests, unboxing, etc. Some beauty products quickly go viral and cause stockouts around the world. According to social media analytics firm Digimind, 49% of Tik Tok users said they “purchased a product or service from a brand after seeing an advertisement, promotion, or review on the app.” . Faced with this enthusiasm, many brands are investing in the platform. The goal ? Broaden its audience, strengthen the engagement of their consumers but also develop their sales. “TikTok has become an essential playground for beauty brands. They have a platform where they can unleash their creativity, and above all where they can interact in a much more direct and authentic way with a potential audience of one billion users around the world. Not to mention that we are seeing more and more beauty trends emerging on TikTok. Brands therefore have every interest in participating in these exchanges, or even initiating them, ”concludes Arnaud Cabanis.

Darphin: behind the scenes of a paid partnership on TikTok

In France, the Darphin skincare brand, from the Estée Lauder group, is one of the first high-end brands to launch on TikTok. A real turning point for this prestigious brand which today wishes to develop its notoriety, in particular with a younger target, by using the codes of Generation Z and Millennials.

For his first steps on the application, Darphin chose to create content around their bestseller, the sérum Intral. A marketing operation articulated in 4 phases: the selection of ten different designer profiles in order to broaden its notoriety, the creation of a story telling around an inspiring message to tell the product and reach its audience as much as possible , the implementation of a hashtag and a tailor-made filter in order to increase the engagement rate and finally the conversion phase thanks to the integrated purchasing tool.

Laurent Pan, better known as @secretdepau, is one of those skinfluencers (influencers specializing in skin care) selected by Darphin. “The teams in charge of the campaign contacted me to offer me this partnership. I asked to test the product first of all, because I was afraid that the Intral Serum would be irritating to the skin ”, explains the TikTokeur. Once convinced, Laurent offers three different scripts, including one related to aftershave redness. “The Darphin team selected this last subject because it concerned me personally. He wanted me to be as comfortable as possible talking about the product, ”continues the expert. The idea? Imitate the spontaneity of an average user who praises the merits of a product (without remuneration behind) in order to appear in the “for you” tab (aka the personalized news feed). Without forgetting the mention “sponsored”, above the caption of the video accompanied by the hashtags #ad or #partenariat.

With this TikTok campaign, Darphin has greatly increased its visibility (8 million videos viewed and 33 million impressions in total). “We have also observed a positive impact on the sales of our Intral serum as well as on secondary products causing stockouts on our website. It is essential for us to continue this collaboration in order to continue recruiting and retaining loyalty via this channel ”, concludes Anne Troussicot, Senior Vice President & Global General Manage Darphin. A profitable strategy that proves that the beauty market on TikTok is only just beginning.

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